I did the unthinkable... my SO K25

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  1. This is eye-popping perfection!!!
    You are very brave and VERY TALENTED!
    Your bag look amazing!
  2. Impressive!!
  3. Exactly. I’m sure she would be happier to see the bag used and loved than to sit in a closet or be resold. It would be one thing if it was a sloppy job, but it looks incredible.

    It’s a shame they wouldn’t repaint the edges for you...even if you had to pay for it.
  4. Wow, you are very brave and you did an amazing job, really impressive :tup:.
    Well done, enjoy your beautiful Kelly!
  5. Wow. Well done you and I admire your nerves of steel. It looks great. Enjoy this even more, you have truly bonded with this bag!
  6. Such an amazing job and it looks perfect now, so much better than chocolate brown!!
  7. I have a GM 32 kelly retourne and I love the black resin. It is even more important in a sellier like yours. My sellier Trench has very dark/black resign and that is the way I love it. Not sure why they would change it in the first place. You were in a difficult place, If you redo the SO there is no way to know for sure they would not change the resin again because there is no box for resin color. I can totally understand that unyielding desire to have it the way you imagined it. But GIRL you are gutsy.....
  8. The work you did is phenomenal. I’m pretty crazy strict about doing absolutely nothing to a bag, but you - get a total pass. Well done, fabulous fabulous job!!!!
  9. Wowza! Beautiful job!
  10. Ur bag looks amazing with the black edge!!!!!

    You did an AWESOME job!!!!!
  11. Awesome job!
  12. I love it!

  13. Wow, i almost fainted... the first time when you said “i took matter in my own hands”, and then again when I saw how beautifully and expertly you did it. Kudos to your gut and skill, and steady pairs of hands! Hermes should hire you!
  14. Amazing!!
  15. I was so nervous reading this but this turned out so beautifully! You have nerves of a surgeon and are uber talented. Good for you for going for what you really prefer. Beautiful K!