I can't believe I just ordered another BH!

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  1. Michelle - Your girls are absolutely darling! It's going to get more and more fun as they get older - I promise you! I wish you could have seen mine last year at Christmas time - we made a day of it and it was like pretty woman x 3 at LV. You will find your girls will get closer and closer too. My oldest two - who go to different colleges - say they are best friends - closer than anyone else in the world. The youngest is still in high school, so she's a little left out sometimes, but I know as soon as she's in college, she'll catch up. It's like the Three Musketeers - only you have four! Congratulations on such darling girls - enjoy them!
  2. I've got two girls but still way too young (2 & 3 yrs) for mommy's addiction!:nuts:
    But I can imagine myself getting them the same things too...:Push:
    You're lucky to have wonderful daughters!!!:yes:
    and they are just as lucky to have a cool :supacool: mom!!!
  3. Lol how sweet of you! The BH is really a great bag especially for school. That's the one I take with me most often..my mom gave my dad the hint last year that it was the bag I wanted and he got it for me. I'm around them all the time so they have to take turns going out and getting stuff so I don't find out lol.
  4. LOL @ beanie babies! :P Do your daughters have any problem keeping the straps on their shoulders?
  5. That's so great that you all share a common bond of lv together. I have 2 sons, so I'm all alone in my obsession for now. Maybe someday I'll have a couple of daughters in law that I can do the same with.
  6. can you talk to my mom please? she HATES my handbag thing- even though she LOVES jewelry and i don't and have tried many many times to explain to her that bags to me are what jewelry is to her. she will spend a fortune on jewlery that i don't like but won't buy me a bag that i want :sad: she's getting better and bought me a prada and some lv this year but under duress. lol.

    she was going to get me a bag for the holidays but i went and bought myself one and she said "so are you done now?" and she was MAD that i bought it so i had to say yes. so now i'm not getting a bag. she gave me money but i believe the implication was that i was NOT to spend it on a bag. i want to ask her if it's ok but she's on vacation (she left the check for me in her apt) and i can't reach her :crybaby:

    sorry for the hijack.
  7. What a wonderful mother you are to your daughters!!! They are very lucky to have you in thier lives, more than just the gifts of LV!! :smile:
  8. Arnott - They don't have any trouble keeping the BHs on their shoulders - I had trouble, but they seem to "work it just fine - and they look so cute!"

    Hifinn - I understand so well where you mom is coming from - when I first started getting more expensive things for my girls, I would always get them gold jewelry too - because I love it. I didn't realize till they gently told me that they didn't love it as much. I was SO glad they told me - saved me lots and I would much rather get what they love. Last year, we did a mom daughter day and went to LV - I gave them each about an $900.00 limit and told them to pick a bag that THEY loved (and didn't give them any coaching about what I liked). Oldest bought at Mono Speedy 25, middle one bought at Papillon 26, and the youngest bought a Mini Looping. It was SO MUCH FUN! We have a tradition now of a new bag every year for Christmas (within reason - i.e. under $1,000.00). They get something they really love and will keep and treasure for a long time - I don't have to return any presents anymore, and we just have such a great time (lunch is included). They prance around the mall with these huge bags - it's a sight to see - three blonde girls with giant LV bags - they look like "stair steps" in height so it's pretty cute - they all look alike.

    To all of you moms with daughters - the time will come and I bet your daughters may share your love for LV - it's really fun. If you can, wait till they're about 15 at least - they appreciate it so much more.

    To those with sons - cuff links are neat - for that first prom maybe??

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. that sounds like so much fun!!!

    i am trying to get my mom into shopping more. she hates it. i ususally buy all her clothes for her. but one day i had a gc to saks so i took her to lunch at their restaurant and we had a day of shopping for her- bought her a ton of clothes that i picked out at st john, spanx, shoes and she even bought her first chanel bag! we had a blast and now we're trying to go more often- she loves the restaurant there. we went recently to holiday shop but didn't buy anything. so maybe she's coming around. not really but sort of. lol.
  10. you such a nice mum
    my mum don't like me buying LV
  11. I bet she'll come around - you look so sweet! I would have a hard time saying no . . . That's my problem - I look at their eyes and they're so thoughtful - sometimes they try to talk me out of presents 'cause I'm a single mom and they worry about me - which makes it even more fun when I can swing something really fun.

    I remember one time we did a little Lilly Pulitzer spree - (and it was a spree, LOL!) and my one daughter on the way home said she was hyperventilating because she got so much! It was really cute - it just meant so much to her.

    For those of you whose mom's don't understand - do they have any LV? Could you introduce them to it by means of a pretty cles or something? Maybe if they loved it for themselves, they would understand the wisdom of a few really nice quality things, rather than lots of non-quality items (I used to do that and by summer, they couldn't remember what they got). I try to teach them about cost per wear - and they seem to be picking it up. For flashy or seasonal items, they hit the Nordies sales - for things they use a lot, (watches, jewelry, handbags, boots, etc.) - we try to do the best we can - so much more fun to use!

    I will say a little prayer for the mom's that don't understand that it will be like the movie, "A Christmas Carol, " only the Ghosts of Past, Present and Future will be wearing Louis Vuitton! LOL.
  12. I remember you posted about that a while ago! That's so sweet of you to get them that!
  13. Haha.. aww.. that's so cute ! You're an awesome mom !
  14. What a great mom you are!:love: