how would you handle this?

  1. I have a dear friend that I have recently helped during a very difficult period in her life. She is a very humble woman, new to the US and struggles financially.

    When things started becoming more stable for her she gave me a gift to thank me for my help through the past year. She has seen me carry LV bags, although we don't talk fashion. She is grateful to have wearable clothing at all.

    So I open the gift and it is a knock off LV Eclipse!! I didn't know what to say except to thank her for her thoughtfulness and give her a big hug. It is not a good fake, but I can imagine that she paid much much more than she could possibly afford for this. It just makes me want to cry.

    So, now what do I do? I don't want to carry this bag. I don't want to hurt her feelings about it "not being good enough". I could never really explain to her the difference between a real and a fake. I know this was a purchase she considered very expensive on her budget. In fact, I know she couldn't afford to give me anything at all.

    Should I donate this bag to a thrift store? Sell it as a fake? Keep it and "use" it on a few occasions with her?? I do not want to hurt her feelings. but I would never carry this style, especially a "replica".

    Suggestions would be appreciated!
  2. I would carry it when around her to let her know that you appreciate what she had to offer. I think it's nice how she noticed your LV love and got one even if it is a fake :smile:
  3. Carry it when you are around her only... like if you were going over to her house for lunch or something.
  4. i honestly dont know what to say
  5. Wow this is a hard one ! I know you only have good intentions so this is what I would do . Keep it on your chair in your house so it looks like you are wearing it . That way when she comes over she will think you wore it that day or the day before . Just an idea !
  6. I like this idea!
  7. It's the thought that counts. That was a very thoughtful and sweet move on her part, and that alone is more important than being seen a few times carrying a fake LV. You know that you only buy real LV. It would make her feel good to see you use it! :smile: sounds like a nice friend!
  8. I would wear it when I'm around her. I would probably even somehow give her the money back for it knowing that it probably cost her a fortune...figure out some discreet way of doing so, maybe her bday is around the corner? :shrugs:
  9. The sale of illegal counterfeits is prohibited by law so you can't sell the bag, eBay or otherwise. Treat the bag like you would any other gift that is not your style: donate it, give it to someone who wants it, or toss out. You did your part by being graciously accepting her generous and thoughtful gesture but you are not required to make use of it.
  10. She went beyond her means to show you she is thankful I would let it go and unfortunately the bag is fake but maybe you can look at it more as a symbol of gratitude and I would just put it in my closet and be thankful she wanted to show you how much your help has impacted her.
  11. I would keep it, but don't carry it. Don't see it as a fake lv but treat it as a gift. This is a gift from your friend who cares you so much. Maybe save it in your closet, when you see it, just think of what had happened between you and your friend. It's a memory.
  12. I will tell her the truth in a discreet manners
    and explain it to her she don't need to repay
    you of whatever help u extend to her ! I won't
    let her assume that I like the purse because
    I know eventually she will find out ! I don't
    know what kind of friendship of u have with
    her . If I'm in your shoe .. I will tell the truth
    and it makes me feel better too ' I hope u
    understand what I'm trying to say .. But, yeah
    I'll be honest than fooling yourself or her
    that u like the purse and lied ! :nogood:
    that's me tho !!! IMHO ;)
  13. Totally agree with this. You really are so sweet to think of her feelings. Definitely keep it and use it when she's around.
  14. I like that idea!
  15. I think this is a good idea. It was very sweet of her to try and get you something she thought you would like. She probably saw the bag and thought it looked like yours not knowing the difference between fake/authentic. Keep it around your house for her to see when she is over. You don't have to carry it out. It is obvious you are a very good friend!