how would you handle this?

  1. i sorry but WHERE did you read that i said sell or donate it?! i was actually commenting on your post that she should "toss out"!!! and since this is an open forum.... it's my opinion that "tossing it out" would be rude!
  2. Fake bag or not, it is a gift from a kind heart. Keep it as a token of her gratitude to your generosity.
  3. I am sorry but I meant to write OP is thinking of selling or donating, not you. You, however should focus on giving your opinion to OP, not other members' commenting on the thread. They have the same right as you to opine. Except I was actually answering OP's question, unlike you. :biggrin:
  4. actually again... i was answering to your comment as you posted to me under my name, it came in to me as a message to me... so you were making the comment to me... which is okay;)...but pls don't make it sound like it was conversation between you and OP when you comment to me..
  5. Wow, is this a new rule you just made up? Lol
  6. My question on how tossing a gift is ruder than wanting to sell or donate is was, indeed addressed to you as you commented on my answer to OP. Please let's not further hijack this thread. If there are any more questions please contact me privately.
  7. i would donate...
  8. What your friend did is really thoughtful and sweet, and I agree with the earlier posts that she probably did not know the difference between a fake and authentic LV. She gave the gift to show you her appreciation for being a friend to her. That being said, I guess what you can do is keep the bag, and not necessarily to carry it around when you feel uncomfortable with it. You can keep the bag for sentimental reasons (to remind you of her thoughtfulness).:smooch::smooch::smooch:
  9. Last Christmas, my friend gave me a fake Rilakkuma plushie as x'mas gift. She knows I like this cute bear but she doesn't know how to spot fake. So when she gave it to me, she asked me if it's real as the price she paid was not very high. I told her that it's fake BUT I'm still really happy because it's a gift from her.

    IMO, if she didn't ask your if the bag is real or fake, she may not even know if there's any real and fake. She may think its a bag with same logo as your bags, thats why she got it for you. Just tell her how much u appreciate her thought and she doesn't need to buy u anything next time, u know she needs those money so a simple lunch or dinner would be the best gift from her! ;)

    For the bag, use it to as a storage bag? That's what I did when I received a fake cherry blossom make up pouch, I used it to keep plasters etc and put it in my drawer :p