How to wear a Kelly casually?

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  1. Come on over! I love to play with people’s closets!
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  2. How are you! Don’t be jealous, I am facing 6 plus months of rain now.... and I have to work to not end up in looking like a mushroom in some shapeless raincoat and galoshes. I wish I looked great in a trench, but not so much.
  3. Tired! My closet looking worse than ever.

    Sorry to hear about the rain! If a trench doesn’t work, how about a cape/poncho type? The K can still go on the shoulder or crossbody (to stay on topic ) if you have a long enough strap...or maybe putting a belt over the waist of your more shapeless coats to give you some definition?
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  4. I can wear draped or cropped ponchos like these Wolford ones



    But anything with structure makes me look silly since I have wide shoulders and breasts.

    I only have the one K and am satisfied as she is perfection but it means I only have one demonstration option.
  5. Love these outfits! The video is so funny - you always post the best things
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  6. Isn’t this video hilarious? If only you lived in a rainy climate, we could get one for BeBe.
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  7. I feel K is more easy for me ...
  8. B620DA50-7B15-4CB8-9D3C-0D69EE130DC5.jpeg I don’t know if it gets more causal than this, but I suppose it would be if you wore your pajamas out. :smile: I think that the Kelly is the perfect all day and night bag.
  9. I know this is an old post, but I love your non-Ewok look and I’m having a huge crush on your Kelly!! :love:
    I’ve had a red(-ish) H bag on my wishlist for a long time. I love everything from Bordeaux to Orange Poppy and from Kelly Cut to Birkin 30. Too many beautiful reds to choose from! :faint:
  10. The same think happened to my K25 with gold HW. A tiny piece of the edge chipped off a couple of months after I got the bag. Since it’s not noticeable I’m not doing anything about it until anything major happens to the bag and I need to send it to the spa.

    I wear my black Epsom K25 as a day to night bag, so seeing all these gorgeous Ks here, worn casually with great looks make me miss her so much!
    Glad I’ll be seeing her soon! :smile:
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  11. Hugs! So many beautiful H reds! I totally agree. RV is and has always been my favorite....

    Now we need to see some of your Outfits with Kelly!
  12. Adding pix of instagrammer elborn_doris. Love her style, just discovered her today. Wish I had her long legs!

  13. One more... she looks cold though

  14. I am most definitely a casual kelly nuit 28 SO brushed silver hdw with Tressage woven strap for cross body wear.

    8FA04DCD-8FDA-47FE-96A7-1CBA5D065FCD.jpeg 81203DA0-D8BF-4A80-BF2A-65CC27223ECF.jpeg
  15. I’m going to fly to your place and steal this bag right out of your closet!!
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