How to wear a Kelly casually?

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  1. Agree with gold kelly with palladium hardware - my most used K !!
    Sneakers jeans and shirt - lounging with me at Hearst castle !!! Thanks ladies for letting me share !!!
  2. Casual Kelly w my ripped jeans 3AC690C1-04ED-4195-912A-909705622E55.jpeg
  3. This is a 32
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  4. Looks great. Is that a 32 or?
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  5. From instagram - love this whole thing!

  6. Forget when I’m older! I’d like to dress like that today.
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  7. Is that a Barenia kelly?
  8. I think so. My eyeballs zoomed right to it and my thought was wowzer a barenia Kelly!
  9. I tried to replicate her insouciance and ended up looking sloppy. Sad.

    The pieces look like they work but on me it was overwhelming to my stature. Next time will try with black fitted pants, top and proper heels.

  10. Casual gets a whole new meaning...
  11. Yes a 32 !
  12. Yes you could do so much with that amazing k....the photo above could be you!
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  13. Do show us !!! ❤️