How to wear a Kelly casually?

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  1. Hello ladies,
    My mother has given me her Kelly which she barely used for my 30th birthday. It is absolutely beautiful, a rich brick red with goldtone hardware. However, I usually dress rather casually and normally opt for less structured handbags such as Balenciaga. I am not trying to sound ungrateful as I know how beautiful this bag is however it does not really suit my lifestyle as it is. Do you have any ideas of how to wear it more casually or make it looks slightly younger? Perhaps by adding a longer strap?
    I doubt I would ever be able to exchange it for a Birkin as I seem to remember those are more expensive than Kellys, right? Thank you!
  2. It's beautiful-- congratulations!

    You could get a canvas strap, which you could wear cross-body for a more casual look. I wear my own red Kelly that way with jeans :smile:
  3. I agree.....i have the longer canvas strap for my black box kelly and I wear it ALL the time casually. I think a kelly with canvas strap worn with the flap closed but buckle ends loose/hanging down is a very chic but casual look.
  4. Someone has a pic in the Action thread I think with a Red Kelly and jeans and sandals .... just love it!
  5. Thank you for the suggestion of a canvas you know how much they retail for?
  6. I saw one on luxury shops a bit back and I think it was around $500 on the secondary market? Sorry, not sure what it would be new. ITA with the suggestions on wearing with the canvas strap does dress it down a bit.

    Gorgeous Kelly, I do hope you enjoy her! :flowers:
  7. LAETITYA.........I've seen a lot of young stars carrying Kelly's! By using the strap, it gives your bag a much more casual look. When it's on your's a little more formal! Enjoy your's Beautiful!! What an incredible gift from your Mother.........:heart:
  8. Or try it with a scarf through the flap to use as a strap. Much more casual...let me see if I can find a picture...
  9. Aha took a while but here they are...
    although warning that it may get you hooked on H scarves too...[​IMG]
    Photo 6.jpg kelly.jpg
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  10. Or Nicky Hilton carries hers with the flap in (although not sure how much weight it would take this way)
    nicky_hilton_black_kelly1.jpg nicky_hilton_black_kelly2.jpg
  11. Its a beautiful bag.
    The Nicky Hilton bag looks casual.
  12. Thank you so much all! Am probably going to try and find a canvas strap for it on Bond Street tomorrow :smile:
  13. lest we forget the pic that started it all (for me, anyway :smile:

    Renee Zellweger with her croc Kelly and canvas strap


    Renee_Zellweger croc canvas strap messenger a.jpg Renee_Zellweger croc canvas strap messenger.jpg
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  14. you *can* rock that gorgeous Kelly, Laetitya! You can order the exact strap - color, leather ends and length - you need at Bond Street (be prepared to wait some months for it).
  15. Congratulations on such a gorgeous Kelly. I think using a strap definitely lends itself to a more casual look. Enjoy!