How To Clean Your Coach!

  1. do you think it might have faded? I have a black on black siggy bag that has turned brownish on the top of the bag from sun exposure.
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    Attaching some pictures. The last picture is of the back of the bag. You can tell the difference in color between the back and the front.

    I hope I am doing this posting correctly with the pics.
    IMG_0655.jpg IMG_0656.jpg IMG_0657.jpg
  3. Separate question: the hardware on one of my Coach pebbled leather bag is looking scuffed up. Specifically the circles holding the leather handles. Is there a way to bring back its shiny luster? Thanks.
  4. Just to let you know-this worked a miracle for me on a pen mark on a fabric signiture bag. I tried using alcohol first and just made it worse. Then found this thread and tried your method and it was perfect. thanks so much.
  5. I have tried everything on my lg Zoe in pewter patent and nothing I have tried so far has worked.....It was nicked with a metallic sharpie! Red at that. Ive tried alcohol, mild soap, nail polish remover......
  6. I don't think anything will remove it. Your best bet is to cover it up. Katev used metallic craft paint on her Zoe and it worked well.
  7. I am thinking that is what im going to have to do or retire her to her wrappings which I hate to do!
  8. I would like to revise the color its Petrol Grey not pewter as previously stated.
  9. Hi everyone, I recently bought a coach classic field bag in retro glove tan leather in british tan. Within an hour I got a black pen mark on it and I am horrified! It's right on the front. Any suggestions to get it off will be greatly appreciated. The card says not to use coach cleaner to clean hand burnished leather, only the moisturizer. Thanks
  10. Hi jelita78,

    May I know how you got your Apple conditioner in Malaysia? Oh and the woolite too!

  11. Thank you so much for this information.
  12. I`m not sure where to post this question, so i`ll post it here hopefully someone can help.
    The wallet was listed as BRAND NEW without tags. When the wallet came it had a deep scratch on the front that wasn`t visible in the photos & to make matters worse it has an old, moldy smell that I can`t remove. The seller doesn`t accept returns. Does anyone know how to remove odors from Coach leather wallets? Any feedback would be appreciated. TIA
  13. I would file a not as described complaint if the seller says you cannot return it.
  14. I think I`ll try that because this smell is making me sick. That`s one reason I don`t like to buy used items. I thought I was safe since she said it was brand new. It definitely is not as described.:shucks:
  15. I answered your question in the wallet clubhouse.