How often do you eat FAST FOOD?

  1. Had my Chicken Quesidilla, 2 cheezy bean and rice borritos and nachos and a hard taco today for luch!
  2. ANGUS ANGUS ANGUS BURGER!!! lol oops.
  3. Ate Taco Bell Again today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hard Taco, Cheezey bean and rice borrito, Side nachos and a 2x steak thing...Was good!!!!!
  4. LOLOLOLOLOLOL....That is funny!!!!!!!
  5. I'm addicted to Carl's Jr so once a week.
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    I definitely ate fast food more often in college and in my early twenties. Now I literally go to Wendy's maybe once every few months, and usually out of desperation because I don't have time and I'm in a rush. It's usually those times where I am on the road, and I am starving so I just have to stop. So I would say I only eat true fast food a couple of times a year.

    I think it's fine in moderation. More than a couple times a month might be too much. Even once a week would be too much for me. I have a very weak stomach and I cannot handle grease.

    To answer the OPs question, yes, fast food IS that bad for you. You can't live on that food. No nutritional value and the lowest grade meat possible. There is also bone in that meat. (it gets grinded in during the meat grinding process) That's disgusting.
  7. Oh, and if I do eat fast food like Wendy's, I NEVER feel good after I eat it. While I'm eating it, it is satisfying my hunger and I am enjoying it in the moment, but after that I just feel like a walking pile of fat. :blah: You crash pretty fast after eating that type of food. Not good.
  8. eat it everyday rarely ever eat home cooked food, i'm not really into homecooked food.
  9. not very often. maybe once a month?
  10. more often than I've ever eaten it before. just had burger king last night but their fries are so yummy..and so bad. I know I know..
  11. a few times a week
  12. We've really cut down on fast food. In fact, I'd say that we eat it once a month (at most) these days. Feel much healthier as a result!
  13. I wish we had that on the east coast! I once emailed the company begging them to come here. :smile:
  14. I eat it about 3 times a week. It's almost always Chick-Fil-Li though, and they're not too bad.
  15. I started writing down what I was spending money on each month.....and let me tell you, THAT was a wake up call.
    Now, I've pretty much cut out the McDonalds/Burger King/Taco Bell, but I do indulge in Jimmy Johns subs and Subway usually once or twice a week.