How often do you eat FAST FOOD?

  1. i get the same feeling whenever i eat fast food or most battered and deep fried food, and creams (particularly think creams as opposed to whipped) I often feel really guilty while eating it even if it's in moderation and part of a healthy diet. I feel like my arteries will clog and i will have a heart attack immediately LMAO.

    this guilt puts me off wanting to eat fast food in the first place as tasty as it is. I do regularly eat subway but only from the 6 under 6 menu but i dont get that feeling when eating that.
  2. At least once a week :p
  3. Once a week or less
  4. Rarely.
  5. I very rarely did when I was family just didn't believe in it

    Once I moved on my own it became easier to order something rather than cook..and for a few years I didn't gain weight...and for some people when they get older their metabolism begins to change...I gained 30 pounds, when I went to the doctors my insides where a mess!!!..I also had SEVERE menstral cramps and painful was all linked to the extra amount of cortisol I had stored in my body. For some reason the body fat was messing with my hormones.

    For the past 7 years I'm very conscious of what I eat now...lost the 30 pounds plus an extra 7...starchy carbs and sugar unfortunately is my I eat lots of salad, veggies, and meat proteins (never fried)..and 100 ounces of water a day, I use splenda in my tea or coffee (1 cup a day only). I do allow 2 cheat days a month..3 max....also weigh myself once a month....just to make sure I'm in check.
    I can't afford to buy a new I have so many classic pieces that I love...I have to stay the same size!!!
  6. These days, once a week!
  7. everyday, every meal
  8. I eat fast food if I'm at the airport!
  9. Once a week or less and its usually Chipotle
  10. Almost everyday lately. My roommate limited me to half of the kitchen, so I can barely get to any of my things to cook. It's awful, I know it's soooo terrible for me. My dad saw me at the drive-thru to Arby's yesterday. I didn't know he'd seen me, and I got a text a few minutes later that just said, "800 calories." Lol
  11. seriously?
  12. I probably eat fast food maybe 1-2 times per week. Dinners during the week - I cook every night, we bring our lunches from home. If I've forgotten my lunch or am craving something specific I might go out. Usually Friday night & Saturday afternoon are our fast food times.
  13. I can't remember the last time I ate fast food. Seriously, it's been years and years. When I was younger, I ate it quite a lot, at least two or three times a week. I just don't like it now.
  14. If Panera (sandwich shop) counts, then once or twice a week. Otherwise? Subway maybe once every 6 months. Funny thing is, I used to eat McDonalds, BK, Wendy's, etc. for dinner almost daily. So glad I got rid of that habit!
  15. Hmmmm...maybe every few months? I crave McDonald's a couple of times a month, but hardly ever give in.

    When DH and I go somewhere, we'll have fast food just because it's convenient. But we never eat it as a "regular" meal.