How often do you eat FAST FOOD?

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  2. I guess I'm "lucky" in that I hate fast food, so I rarely eat it. Maybe once every 6 months or so I'll grab a chicken sandwich from Wendy's and I like McDonald's ice cream, but there is one just up the street from my apartment and I never go there.
  3. I think it is your age. I do like the taste of fast food, ate it often in college, and could have eaten it every day as a teenager. At some point it suddenly got really hard on my body hence the "gross" association.
  4. I eat fast food way too often :sad: It does really good! It's doubly bad when I do because that is usually all I eat in the day to keep my calorie count low and that is just terrible for your body
  5. We order Chinese food almost every week, but I don't consider that to be real fast food such as hamburgers and fries.
    I think I eat those things once in two months or so.
  6. I think it depends on the person's work-out and eat habits. You probably burn off a lot of calories exercising or something, which in that case, Mc D's isn't too bad. :smile:

    I eat once every 3-4 months though I'm a total sucker for In-N-Out! *drool*
  7. The only fast food I ever crave is Taco Bell... and I could it it every single day for lunch and dinner if I'd allow myself! I try to keep it down to once per week!
  8. I have no problem eating things that are bad for me, but I want them to really taste good.
    I think the last time I ate Mcdonalds was about 4 years ago... Olive Garden was 5...

    But I love In N Out burger - and you can order Protein style, and they will wrap your burger with lettuce instead of a bun. I love the crunch.

    I love the little sidewalk Indian food vendors. I suspect they aren't that healthy for me either, but... yum

    Fatburger has amazing shakes and fries. Not too fond of the burgers

    I love the Rubios fish tacos, but only when they are still hot.

    Ivars has amazing clam chowder.

    Wendy's used to have a chicken ceasar pita - that was so tasty. I stopped eating there when they took it of the menu.

    In summary - I'll go out to eat about once a week to once every two weeks. I have no problem with eating badly, but I like things with flavor, texture and a bit of a variety. Fast food just doesn't give that to me.
  9. pretty much every day i rarely eat home cooked food, usually get fast food or go out to eat somewhere.
  10. once a week for lunch, taco bell is my fav w/ hot sauce
  11. pretty much never. not to say I don't eat fried food- I just prefer it from restaurants, if I'm going to eat a burger and fries, i want it to be reallllly good. I just hate the way mcdonalds and the such taste- last time I ate it was probably 2 years ago and because it was essentially my only option.

    we do tend to order thai or malaysian food like once a week if that counts though.
  12. i never eat it, anymore.
  13. Ditto.
  14. Not as often as I'd want to for sure. Not even a hotdog or a french fry. Since my granddaughter told me a few years ago that junk food are one of the top 5 cancer-causing foods, I stopped. Life is too short and to beautiful. So I eat only the healthy kind. :biggrin:
  15. I ate Taco Bell's bean burritos for a while, but now, the only fast food I eat, is Boston Market :tup: