How many unused bags do you have sitting in your closet?


How many unused bags do you have?

  1. None- I use them all!

  2. 1-2- I plan on using them soon, waiting for the right time

  3. 5- Uh oh, I better start breaking these girls in!!!

  4. 10 + Why do I keep on buying bags and not using them???

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  1. Curious about this. Today I finally used my new Truffle Work. However, I still have a brand new, unused olive pony haired makeup. I figure I may use that one as a clutch in the fall/winter. Maybe. Still not sure if I will keep her or not.

    Anyway, how many bags are in your closet, unused??
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  2. I keep most of my bags in regular circulation :yes:
  3. I plan my outfits around my Bbags....all of Bbags get used......other brand bags..well that's a different story, I don't use them anymore.
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  4. Oh boy.......... I'd be a big fat liar if I said none!:nuts:
  5. I use them all, no point in spending all that money and then leaving them to sit in the wardrobe. Even the white Spy is used regularly in Loony land :yes:
  6. I have a few right now that I don't use and they're on the chopping block.
  7. About three... but I have two that will be leaving the nest to go to new homes and plans for the third one (so I am keeping it)! :p Like marie, I'm having more problems with my other brands not getting used, not my bbags!
  8. Wow, I just realized I lied... Sorry gals! I actually only use 3 of my current 4 bags.. But the unused on is being exhanged for one I will be using... I wanna use my bags - since I love them!!!

    But, I actually do have a lot of Mulberry and Miu Miu bags that haven't really been used since I got my first Balenciaga... But it didn't seem like that really counted??
  9. I use both of mine :yes: There's NO WAY I could have a $995+ bag sitting around not getting used!!
  10. I meant to ask "how many unused Balenciaga bags....."

    To me, the rest don't count :nuts: Just kidding. Actually I have been cheating on Baleniaga recently. Yesterday I was shopping and spotted this really cute Lesports sac on sale. Originally $60, I got it for $20. I figure I can use it on those rainy days. It is really cute and I love the little pouches they give you with the bag!

    Then just a few minutes ago I won an eBay auction- a gorgeous magenta BV bag :drool:
  11. I use all of mine...they get rotated, sometimes infrequently, but they have all gotten used a great deal!
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao: Lemme change my answer here then... One.

    I am trying to go through my closet and get it more "focused"... on the things I actually DO use & like to use/wear... So... that is probably going to take me all summer!! :p
  13. i'm bad, i hoard my bags and just knowing they are there makes me happy!
    the real reason - if my DH knew how many bags i had, he'd be my ex-DH!:sad:
  14. I have three. One that I need to recycle, and two that I haven't used because my hubby doesn't know about them yet. I tend to use the same bag all the time for daily wear unless I am going somewhere special and want to match an specific outfit. The one I used most all winter was my ink city and now it is the sandstone city.
  15. i have a bag(not a bbag) that was a limited edition i bought 5, 6 years ago...and it's still sitting there...haven't used it once, lol