How many of you owns pre-owned RM's?


Feb 7, 2007
Before, I had no problems with buying pre-owned bags. But now I do. I don't know why, it's just something silly.

So I am wondering, how many of you have pre-owned bags overall, not only RM's?

Can you give me some inputs why it's good to buy pre-owned?

I am super silly and I don't know why I feel this way, but I always end up selling my pre-owned bags because I don't feel comftorable with them...Am I a complete moron?
Jul 3, 2008
I am actually the opposite of you...pre-owned bags never appealed to me before. But lately, the only way I can get my hands on any of the Bals with the chevre leathers (pre 2008) has been by buying pre-owned ones. And so I've forced myself to get over my preconceived prejudices to used bags. I don't think you're being can't help how you feel. :smile: And the benefit to getting a brand new bag is that you'll be the first to break it in, and they (typically) are flawless which are nice.


Jun 9, 2009
Bay you are not alone. Pre-owned bags are not my thing. I've never sold a bag I've purchased either. I don't know why but it just bugs me to use someone else's bag. For me there is nothing more gratifying then saving up for a bag I really want and breaking it in the way I want it broken in. I find a purse a very personal thing.

That said, I really don't buy that many to begin with as there would be no possible way to afford so many. I stick to the neutrals. Colored bags are usually clutches or ones I truly love. Trendy bags I just buy a cheaper brand and trash/donate once they are dated. The mentality of purchasing something and worrying about getting scratches etc because you want to sell it one day seems odd to me because how can you really enjoy the bag?

It seems many on this forum buy and sell a lot. Perhaps 'Bag, Borrow, Steal' would work better? To each his own, power to you if you can find great deals!


Luvs Leather
Mar 21, 2007
I have a few pre owned bags like that I fell in love with long after they were in season and the only way to get them was pre loved. They must be clean though and in extremely good condition. I always give them a once over with leather cleanser wipe down the inside and they're good as new! I could never do nasty handles and a dirty lining though.
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~ Michelle ~
May 29, 2008
Well, I used to be okay with buying pre-owned RMs. However, the last couple of RMs I've bought were not as described. Quite disappointed. However, I did get one in mint condition from a lovely tPFer!!


Jan 2, 2009
I've bought mostly pre-owned RMs because I was very much into the old school MABs with the long finished tassels and that was the only way to get them.

My first full price and brand new one was the Wine MAB bought direct from RM, only because I was waiting impatiently for one to show up used but the prices were so high I figured I might as well get a new one.

I'm driven mostly by price. I have no issues buying a used bag since I'm very much into recycling anyway.

Thankfully, I've had very good experienced buying used bags. They all came to me from honest sellers selling bags as described.

I guess I get more kick out of knowing that my bag was gotten at a price a lot cheaper than retail or than what others would have paid for them. Besides, if it's already broken in, I feel as if I have it baby it less than if it were a brand new bag and I didn't want to scratch it up.


Jul 13, 2008
I love pre-owned!!! there's always a chance they're not perfectly described but I'm not very anal about my bags anyway. I love old-school bags, plus, I hate breaking bags in so I'm happy to get pre-loved bags!

My pre-loved babies are Wine Matinee with tassels and paisley lining, Black with Blue Suede Mattie, Black with Blue Stamp MAM. They are my favorites in my collection so I don't really mind where they've been. but 2 of those I have gotten from lovely Tpf-ers so I feel good that it's just coming from the RM family.


Dreaming of RM bags
Aug 8, 2008
I have no preference whether it is pre-owned or new. Like milodino, I am definitely price driven as well. Also, if you think about it, since a lot of us own several RMs, usually the preowned bags are in pretty good condition since they don't get used much! It's also usual for ladies to sell bags that they don't use often - so getting a pristine, almost brand new bag at a deep discount is a win win for me!


Jul 9, 2007
I just bought my first RM and it's a "pre-owned".

For me, I wanted to try this line but without dropping $600 for a bag. Unfortunately this economy has hit my dh's business hard and right now I can't afford new.

I have to tell you, my bag looks brand new. Not a flaw on it.

Now, I did just buy another MAM off Ebay but it's new this time. However, I was able to snag it for a fraction of retail.


Dec 20, 2008
I have bought both new and pre-owned bags. I prefer new, but sometimes the pre-owned have just been sitting around someone's closet and are basically new as well. Only once I bought a Noir Nikki that was described as new but wasn't. The lining was dirty and the feet had scratches on them. I ended up giving it away to my stepdaughter who was happy to get it. But the bags I have bought from Tpfers have been great!

Izzy's Mom

Mar 6, 2009
I have one preowned RM that I adopted from a tpfer. It is absolutely perfect and there is no way I could have gotten this bag otherwise as it was a sample that never made it into production. Having said that, all my other RM's I've bought new since I just discovered the brand only a few months ago. But I've never paid full retail as I have bought previous season sale bags or was lucky enough to get the discount codes.

I think the key on the preowned is careful reading of the description (and the seller's ratings) so that you feel comfortable with the purchase. Plus ask lots of questions before you complete the transaction.
Nov 26, 2006
I don't have any problem with it! Especially if the used bag is coming from a pfer! Most of my RM's are new, purchased with discount or promotion. I have two preowned now and two more on the way this week! My original old school bbw mam was preowned. and I received that bag (my HG!) in mint condition. it still looks mint in fact and i use that bag more than anything!!!


Jun 30, 2008
I have 16 RM bags and 2 of them were pre-owned. First was my Purple Lizard MAC because at the time I wanted it, it was no where to be found, so I found one on Ecrater from a tpfer and got it from her. The 2nd one was the Cranberry Devote that I got off Ebay last month. This has been the best RM deal for me ever because the seller sold it to me at $250 and it was pristine!

I don't sell my bags either, so the number of bags in my closet has been growing really fast, I'm up to a point where I can't keep spending money on new bags, considering I don't even have the chance to use all the bags that I already own. I feel very lucky that the 2 pre-owned bags that I ever bought both arrived in perfect condition.

Trust me, I've ordered bags from retailers that arrived in used condition(must be returns or display samples). Now, I also prefer brand new bags, but I'm also very price driven, so if I evern come across a great deal on pre-owned bags, I would be willing to take the risk.


Dr. Love
Aug 31, 2008
I have absolutely no problems with buying pre-owned bags. As someone mentioned above, sometimes if it's a really hard to find bag that is no longer in production... it's your only option. I have been very fortunate with the bags I've bought pre-owned, and one in fact had been owned twice previously and never been used by either owner! I guess I'm also fortunate in the fact that of the four Nikkis I've purchased pre-owned... three absolutely came from wonderful PFers who took meticulous care of their bags and/or never used the bag and kept it stuffed in its dustbag in the closet.

I have only purchased one of my bags brand new directly through RM, and that was a special order that I knew I needed to have.

I'm almost more hesitant to purchase bags from some online retailers, especially if it happens to be one with a no return policy AND they have no pictures for me to see. That is one advantage of buying pre-owned and I guess if you get a willing seller who will provide you with more pictures when you request them.