How many of you owns pre-owned RM's?

I don't own any pre-owned bags. I have a hard time finding sellers who are willing to ship to Canada for a reasonable rate. Considering most of RM retailers now offer free international shipping, sometimes the savings on the pre-owned bags can be lost on the shipping fees alone.

A few years ago I had a really bad experience with a pre-owned Coach bag I bought off ebay. I looked at all the pics carefully but when the bag arrived, the stains were way darker in person than in the pictures. It was a cream coloured bag that looked white in the photos, and I suspect the seller increased the brightness of the photos to make the stains less apparent. The bag also reeked of smoke! :sick: When I emailed the seller she threatened to leave me negative feedback because I my ebay account was fairly new at the time. I ended up giving it away to a thrift store.

That being said, I probably would consider a pre-owned bag from one of the girls here because I know some hardly carry the bags at all before selling them. But usually the best priced bags end up being sold within the US only because it is cheaper and more secure for sellers to ship domestic.
I've bought mostly pre-owned RMs because I was very much into the old school MABs with the long finished tassels and that was the only way to get them.

My first full price and brand new one was the Wine MAB bought direct from RM, only because I was waiting impatiently for one to show up used but the prices were so high I figured I might as well get a new one.

I'm driven mostly by price. I have no issues buying a used bag since I'm very much into recycling anyway.

Thankfully, I've had very good experienced buying used bags. They all came to me from honest sellers selling bags as described.

I guess I get more kick out of knowing that my bag was gotten at a price a lot cheaper than retail or than what others would have paid for them. Besides, if it's already broken in, I feel as if I have it baby it less than if it were a brand new bag and I didn't want to scratch it up.[/QUOTE]
I hear that. I don't like baby-ing anything I own. I'm happy if a bag has a flaw or two--it gives me license to actually use it instead of "preserving" it in the closet like almost all my other bags. I have a whole stack that I haven't taken out of the closet because I'm afraid to mess them up.
I have 11 bags and 3 of them I purchased used. Only one was in awful shape, the Choco SW Mattie you may remember. I have no problem with used bags if they have been cared for and stored properly, and come from a nonsmoking home. Smokey-smell gives me a migraine.
I've bought a few preowned bags, but I'm very picky about them, and will only purchase them from PF'ers that I KNOW. I usually ask a lot of questions, ask for pics etc. I'm not THAT anal about my bags, so I don't mind a couple scratches here and there (that can be conditioned out) as long as its all disclosed before hand. Luckily, even my HTF bags, like emerald, and glazed sunshine were purchased brand new, and then the sunshine MAM was new too. I've only bought 1-2 preowned RM's... Dark grey nikki, and a mattie.
I'd say I have an equal amount of new and pre-owned bags. If something is a premier designer though, its most likely going to be pre-owned because I only work part-time at the moment. But I also feel like I should be treating myself more to new bags lately though.
Back in the day I never bought pre owned. Partially it was just my personality in my 20s, I wanted everything brand new. Now being in my 30s, I see there can be many benefits to buying a previously loved bag. I think RM is the brand I would buy pre owned from because the quality from 10 years ago plus is better than the quality now. So you'd be spending less and getting the old school RM quality.
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All of my bags are pre-owned except for the first two RMs I ever bought (MAB luxe in fawn and Devote in pepper!), one Kate Spade bag from the outlet, and I guess we'll count the north face backpack I carry to work in the summer. My bag budget is pretty small and I'm more drawn to the classic styles, plus I like letting someone else sweat over the bag accumulating wear.
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