How many of you owns pre-owned RM's?

May 7, 2008
I have owned more pre-owned RM's than brand new ones that I purchased from a retailer. With that said, most of them have been in New to Like-New condition. I don't mind buying pre-owned as long as the bag had been well taken care of and is in excellent condition. I love the "old school" RM's so honestly don't really have much of a choice...


Dec 13, 2008
I'm OK right now buying used as long as the it's from a person selling it from their own collection, description is detailed, & the pictures are adequate.

I purchased one for my DD from one of those retailers that has like a million feedbacks. I've learned the negative responses really get lost in the high numbers & I will not do that again.

Of my current collection about 50% were preloved!!


Jul 3, 2007
One of the benefits to buying pre-owned is that you see the pictures of the actual bag that you're getting.

I prefer pre-owned because I like to get my bags already broken in. :smile: I don't carry mine enough to get them nice and soft in a short amount of time.


Lovin LV,RM,CC & Bal
May 30, 2009
Majority of my RM's are previously owned. I've been into RM's for a little over a month and there is no way I could afford these beauties if I payed full price. I have been fortunate enough to come across some really wonderful TPF'ers who were selling these awesome purses. :biggrin:

Things I have purchased pre-owned...

MAB Nautical Blue (Thanks My Fave TPF'er)
MAB Flat Iron Grey (Another wonderful TPF'er)
Elisha Cloud Grey (Another great TPF'er)
Matinee Black with Pewter Flaps (Another great TPF'er)

I think the key to buying a pre-owned RM is buying from a trusted TPF'er!!!



Jan 10, 2009
I just bought my first pre-owned bag a couple of days ago. i thought i would have issues with it, but since its in such pristine condition i completely forgot its been used. This decision is def. price driven though. I would still prefer to get my RMs new :smile:


Hopelessly Obsessed
Nov 12, 2006
I just have one pre-owned RM right now, the rest have been purchased new. But from now on, because of the economy, all bags, RM and other brands, will most likely be pre-owned or bought with some excellent sales/codes. They're really going to have to be major sales/codes too, in order to get me to part with precious dollars.



Jun 28, 2009
I do not like pre-owned anything. I buy from a well known department store when the RM's go on sale, and that also has a good return policy. Most bags on ebay are as much as a new one. I can't stand when they say no returns no exceptions. I would never buy from a person or company that said that, just incase the handbag was heavily used or damaged.


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Aug 11, 2007
Although most of my RM's were purchased new, I have a couple of pre-owned RM's, but I only buy from PF'ers and ask very specific questions about the condition, etc, before committing. Unfortunately in Atlanta, RM is not a big name and our department stores don't carry them at all! So I rely on online purchasing to get pretty much all of my bags.
One of my favorite RM's is my Charcoal/ Black BW MAM and there is no way that I would ever find one new, so I bought it and sent it to RM to have it refurbished w/ new handles and tassels. Now it is like-new to me, and I absolutely love it! There are some really incredible pre-owned gems out there; just make sure to do your homework and ask lots of questions before committing.
There's some really nasty stuff on some of the auction sites. I hate to say that I pretty much only trust fellow RM PF'ers as far as pre-owned bags go!


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Aug 8, 2008
I'm almost more hesitant to purchase bags from some online retailers, especially if it happens to be one with a no return policy AND they have no pictures for me to see. That is one advantage of buying pre-owned and I guess if you get a willing seller who will provide you with more pictures when you request them.

I totally agree! That's the reason why I hesitate to buy stuff from the RM retailers and even from the OSS. Since I don't live in US, it would be a pain to send stuff back!
Feb 5, 2008
Although I've never been a fan of pre-owned things and what not, when I found my Minki-fam-bam, that was when it all changed.

First of all, most of the RMs on Bonanzle & eBay are from TPFers here. Which means that the bags are loved and taken care of! So you don't have to worry about it being a damaged bag but you still need to be careful!

I also like buying pre-owned bags because they are already broken in, so they are SO SOFT!

Some pre-owned bags come with it being already treated with leather care so it saves me the trouble!

Pre-owned bags are sometimes VERY RARE AND HARD TO FIND BAGS!

I have 2 pre-owned bags and I love them!
Sep 23, 2005
I don't have any pre-owned RMs but have bought plenty of other brands second-hand: mainly Pradas but some Ferragamos & others. I just don't have the money, to buy bags at their retail prices, simple as that.

I like real vintage Dior, so I have to get them pre-owned.As far as leather bags go I like bright colors and plain shapes, and until I discovered RM, most affordable bags like this were old Pradas. Prada for a while did the same few simple leather bag styles again and again but in many unusual colors including blues and greens, at one time they even had periwinkle and dark periwinkle. There were a couple of great years when everyone got rid of these and eBay was full of them.

Overall I've had mostly all positive pre-owned bag buying experiences. My worst was a bag that had not only a stained lining, but was still full of rubbish from the previous owner. It was a leather Lambertson Truex and only about $20, but still... the rest of my pre-owned bags have been fine. I just got a Prada from a few seasons ago that looks untouched, and cost about 1/7 of its new price.

- ask questions and ask for pictures, particularly about lining, handles and corners
- when a seller says, this is a small mark but really 'not very noticeable', ask even more questions
- beware of pre-owned white or cream bags, there's no such thing as 'a little bit used' - if they're grubby, they're grubby

RM is great! There's such a fast turnover of colors that even the new bags go on sale at the end of each season, and most of the styles look better 'worn in' anyway.