How do you wear your watch? Loose or snug?

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How do you wear your watch?

  1. *

    Loose like a bracelet

    77 vote(s)
  2. Fitted

    80 vote(s)
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  1. OP: I have the gold version of yours with the plain gold face, not MoP. Mine is loose enough so that it falls lower on my wrist like a bracelet, but it isn't so loose that the case spins around or that the bracelet moves up and down on my arm. That would drive me nuts.

    I definitely prefer the looser look on you.
  2. Mia Bella, I LOVE The MOP face! It's gorgeous and it looks perfect on your wrist. I also agree with skphotoimages in that I would wear it whichever way feels the most comfortable though I think the loose fit looks better =)
  3. I like it loose on you as well. Love the MOP face! I wear my MK watches loose. Two of mine are oversized and are super heavy, so when I wear them loose for more than a few hours it hurts my wrist and I tend to push them up above my wrist (where they become fitted -if that makes sense lol).
  4. ^ Tasha, share your MK watch modeling pics!!! I just got into MK watches so I'm super interested in seeing people's collections :P
  5. Mia Bella - I recently purchased what appears to be the exact same watch as you, except that my face is plain white (not lovely mother of pearl like yours). I am having the exact same dilemma. I originally had it sized fairly snug and it looks like your picture. It sits above the wrist bone and doesn't move too much. I actually like it staying it one place and I like the look, but sometimes it would feel too tight and leave imprints in my skin, and I think this will be worse in the summer when it's warm. So I had one more link put in and now I feel it's slightly too loose. It looks like your picture. The watch slides up and down my wrist but doesnt turn around. I agree it looks like kohl mascaras watch that hasnt been fitted. What did you end up deciding?

    My main issue is actually that the face of the watch tends to roll outward away from my body instead of staying centered. Do you notice that? Does anyone else have that problem. It was facing slightly out when fitted snug too and they said they put the extra link on the side to correct that but it made it worse!

    I really want to make this watch work for me!
  6. I wear mine a tad loose with my scratched up love cuff.
  7. Also - just out of curiosity, how many links do you have on the right versus the left? I'm wondering about others' ratios to see if there is a way I can make the watch face more "in".
  8. Hi! We definitely sound like we're in the same boat. I chose to leave my watch loose because I don't like having anything tight on my wrists. When the watch was snug it did exactly what you said, it left imprints on my wrist and I really disliked how constrictive it was. And yeah, with the Summer coming I don't want my watch to stay in one place for a long period of time and give me a watch band tan.

    I've really gotten used to the looser fit but I agree the watch face turns out often and sometimes even spins all around my wrist. Again, I don't mind it because it's better than having the watch bolted to my wrist. :smile:

    The best way I can describe it is this. Take your watch, flip it and look at the links'll see links with arrows on them. Mine has 3 arrow links at the topside of the band and 2 arrowed links on the bottom that makes sense as to why the watch turns out for me because it's top heavy. I'd rather it turned out than in though. :yes:
  9. Thanks Mia Bella! I'm glad someone has the same issue as me. I think I could maybe get used to the looseness of the watch, but I'm not sure if the turning outwards thing is going to drive me crazy. I'm thinking of returning it, but I really want a watch like this, so I can't decide! Mine has 1 arrow link of the bottom band and 5 on the top band. The watch adjuster was absolutely positive that this way would force the watch the go more inwards, but it doesn't. I wonder if switching it so it has 2 on the bottom and 4 on the top or even 3 on the bottom and 3 on the top would fix the problem? I guess I might have to make my 3rd trip there!

    Good point about the watch band tan! I hadn't thought of that!
  10. Yeah have the watch guy fix the links so they're spaced out as evenly as possible between the top and bottom. Try 3 on the bottom and 3 on the top, wear it around for a couple minutes and if need be have him switch the links around again. It's got to make a difference because 1 on the bottom and 5 at the top sounds wrong to me.
  11. i like my watches to fit a little bit loose, but not too loose
  12. I've been looking for a two tone rose gold and silver watch and finally found one I loved. No one carries it anymore and I managed to find one on ebay. The persons listing even said she bought it, removed all the links and it was still too big so she was reselling. Did I listen? No.
    So now I have it, and its beautiful but oh so big. My wrist is 5.5 inches. This is probably 6.5-7 inches. It fits like a bracelet and yes it is capable of spinning around.

    I love it so much though. It's brushed steel with shiny rose gold. Love Love and pretty water resistent too (10ATM) which is a must for me.

    Anyway, I see ladies on occasion wearing their watches loose like bracelets and I never think it looks weird..I'm just not sure if it's worth the hassle of a floppy watch spinning around and what not.

    So how do you wear your watches?
  13. This is how it fits.
    uggg..I have a feeling I should just resell it. But I love it WAY more than others I've seen.

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  14. It's beautiful! I think it looks nice worn loosely, but I don't wear mine that loose simply because I'm scared it would make it really easy for me to hit it on things. Would it be possible to have a few more links removed if you aren't comfortable wearing it that loosely?
  15. Unfortunately all the removable links are out. Here is a better picture of it: and my only other option would be this Fossil watch. But I'm not a huge fan of Fossil. Like I hate that it says Fossil in big black BUT I know it would fit snugger.

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