How do you wear your watch? Loose or snug?

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How do you wear your watch?

  1. *

    Loose like a bracelet

    77 vote(s)
  2. Fitted

    80 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Snug. I don't like anything hanging from my wrists.
  2. I wear my watch snug
  3. Fitted comfortably
  4. I like the watch loose.
  5. Snug
  6. ditto, snug
  7. I got my watch 3 years ago, and sized it loosely. I can easily move it up/down in a stack, but I think for my next watch, I'll go snug instead.
  8. Agree. True of the Rolex Jubilee bracelet in SS or TT as well...better off fitted to avoid stretch.
  9. snug, i couldnt stand them to rotate.
  10. Definitely snug. I have tiny wrists and I am not used to wearing bracelets etc.
  11. In between!
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  12. Definitely snug..
  13. I like chunky watches/men's style watches. Most of mine are somewhat loose, but not so they can flip over. Our uniforms have fitted cuffs and I like being able to get my watch below the cuff so I can more easily see it.
  14. Snug, but not constricting. Hate it when it moves around.
  15. more snug than loose - the face does not rotate to even the side of my wrist but the band doesn't leave marks. i wear a lot of bracelets on my wrist with the watch so i don't like the watch to move up and down my arm or rotate around around my wrist.