How do you wear your watch? Loose or snug?

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How do you wear your watch?

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    Loose like a bracelet

    77 vote(s)
  2. Fitted

    80 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I don't like my watch (or bracelet) to be even the least big snug. In the summer, especially, being hot makes it worse.

    My watch is where I can put my finger between the band & wrist. That is comfortable for me.
  2. I wear them snug as they have a tendency to hit things when worn loose. Wearing them snug also reduces the links hitting against one another, less scratches. I live in a tropical country, sometimes it gets annoying when I sweat but I'd rather adjust the watch.
  3. I can fit my finger (to the knuckle) between my band and wrist.
    I am super fussy about how my watch fits. It is agonizing when I have to break in a new band, which is why I wear the same watch day after day.
  4. So does the face spin around on you at all? like ending up on the underside of your wrist?
  5. It's pretty! but it's too big for me. I can't wear them this loose personally. It doesn't look bad on you though.
  6. Thanks for moving the thread!
  7. I have a big wrist, unfortunately. The watch may move a little to the side but never completely flip.
  8. This looks great to me! I don't think it looks too loose at all. :smile:
  9. I like to wear mine fitted, but loose enough to fit a finger under the band. I prefer to wear all of my bracelets/watches this way, so they don't knock into things.
  10. i wear mine fitted (but not tight) and pretty much have always worn mine fitted.

    i also have the WORST watch tan line from it as well!
  11. Fitted. I like a watch face to sit exactly in the middle of my wrist, not flopping around. When they are loose, you can damage the watch easier by smacking it into things and a loose bracelet (in gold) stretches faster. I don't like them tight - just fitted.
  12. I wear a retro silver Casio 80's watch - I love it!!!!!
  13. I wear mine fairly fitted. I would be too worried about it crashing against something if it were loose. I do notice it feels a little tighter or a little looser based on the humidity.
  14. I wear mine fitted. It leaves an imprint on my wrist sometimes but it doesn't bother me.
  15. Fitted. When I picked up
    My watch te lady at Rolex convinced me to leave it loose an wear it like a bracelet so we only took out a few links.

    I went back a week later to have more links
    Taken out to jar it fitted. It still moves a little
    But not like it did before :smile:
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