How do you wear your watch? Loose or snug?

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How do you wear your watch?

  1. *

    Loose like a bracelet

    77 vote(s)
  2. Fitted

    80 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I have a stainless steel watch that, when removing an extra link, is quite snug and will probably be a little bit uncomfortable in the summer. But, adding the link again means the watch bracelet is loose enough to slide past the wristbone, and is possible to rotate around my wrist - especially when it's cold.

    Having said that, do you ladies where your metal watches loose or snug?
  2. I like my watches to fit loose and to slide around. They can get scratched a lot easier unfortunately, but I still like them loose.
  3. I have the same problem with my Tag. But I don't like wearing it tight where it will leave a big indent in my wrist after I take it off at the end of the day. So I wear it a little loose and it just feels like a bracelet.
  4. I wear mine fairly loose :smile:
  5. Me too. I just took my Cartier to get serviced and they tried to convince me to make it tighter.

    Over the last year I've lost a bunch of weight (and the watch went from tight to loose), so I like it loose to remind me not to eat too much. :smile:

  6. Mine is a Miss Dior bangle watch, worn loose. When I get my Chopard, then it will be tight.... or when I wear my DOXA Coppa Milano, it is tight... last notch in the leather strap.
  7. i like to wear mine loose.
  8. I like all my watches loose.
  9. Personally I like wearing my watches tight because they when I check the time I am looking at my watch face and don't have to move the face to my direction.
  10. Loose, loose, loose.
  11. I wear my watch loose, but not so loose that it rotates!
  12. My Tag I wear tight because that's how it worked out best with the links, my Rolex I wear loose because they couldn't make it any smaller where it would look right.......I guess I like them both ways but I'm starting to like the looser one better....
  13. My new Michele D/D S/S is loose enough to move up my wrist but won't turn to the other side which is just how I like it. think it is because I have a small wrist and the face is so big. Strap watches - always tight.
  14. loose! Not so loose it moves up my arm, but loose enough to rotate.
  15. I wear my Panerai and Pippo watches on the snug side because of the leather band. For Cartier, I also wear snug (not tight) because of the shape of the Roadster. It doesn't look good loose.

    However, my old Gucci bracelet watch, I wore it loose because it was all one streamlined shape, without any curves or fancy designs.