How do Clic Clac Bracelets Wear Over Time?

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  1. Hello, everyone. I am considering asking my hubby for a Clic Clac for my birthday. How do they wear? I bang my bracelets and watches all the time. Will it hold up against abuse?
  2. Great question and I can't wait to read the responses...I'm thinking about my first Clic Clac also!
  3. I have quite a few clic clacs, and I stack them with other bracelets and jewelry (and they bang together, and I bang them against everything), and they have held up extremely well for me.
  4. Ditto, with what Ranag said!!:tup:
  5. Ranag, your input is appreciated. Do you notice any chipping of the enamel? Could a whole piece of enamel fall off? Thanks.
  6. I have three extra wide clic clacs and they all have scratches on bottom outside metal the gold shows scratches more then silver but I do love these clic clacs wish they would offer more colors other then black
  7. I have seen clic clacs with huge chips of enamel out of them. Just check ebay for the real cheap ones and look at the photos!
  8. That's my experience, too. I wear one or more several times a week to work and I have no issues at all except of course slight scratching on the bottom of the hinge as that is just about impossible to avoid.
  9. Wow! That is what I would worry about doing to the bracelet. Thanks!
  10. I wear them all together with other H enamel bracelets, and apart from hairline scratches on the palladium, no other damage. I can't imagine what you would have to do to chip the enamel!
    Just took a quick look at a few of mine - they DO tarnish a fair bit! Well, mine have, in any case!
  11. Kallie Girl and Grands Fonds, I can live with scratches. Are they palladium plated or solid palladium? I would think that one would really intend to chip the enamel for major damage to occur. Thanks, ladies.
  12. I received one a few months ago; wore it a handful of times and a teeny piece of enamel has chipped off the edge. I was surprised!

    Love the way it looks, and it has tremendous sentimental value for me.
  13. Don't wear them into the shower as constant wetness is known to wear down the adhesive, and the enamel can fall off.

    As for chips ... I haven't had it happen to any of my bracelets.
  14. I avoid getting them wet, but wear them all the time, no issues with wear. The only one with messed up enamel is one I bought off eBay.
  15. Scratches will be the most common problem, but the enamel can chip, and the entire section can fall off. I was in the store once when a woman was returning one because the whole side fell off the first week.

    With the one that I wore (the other two haven't left their boxes), I did get a small pencil-point chip on the bottom of the enamel section, but thankfully it's not noticeable.