How about a couple of new reference threads?

  1. Maybe one for studs, Tiffany jewelry, antique, etc. . . .

  2. Great idea! :woot:

    How about David Yurman too???
  3. sure, suggest away!

    I always can count on Cosmo to support my compulsive need for reference threads! :lol:
  4. Lol, that's me. :nuts: My DH makes fun of me for "organizing" the dishes in the dishwasher.
  5. ^doesn't everyone do that? That and keep their clothing organized by color?:angel:

  6. How about one for watches?? Maybe a good source of pics for peeps who are wanting to compare a couple and not have to go trawling round lots of different retailers,would save time??
  7. good idea:tup:

    . . . I woder if we already have one though? We may have one, for some reason I thought we did. . . can't find out until we get our search feature back:hysteric:
  8. Great idea, hun! I'm a watch freak and I loooove watching watches, watch out! :roflmfao:
  9. :lol: you dork! LOL!
  10. Love you too, Swanky! :winkiss:

    I'm sorry, now :back2topic:
  11. Hahahaaa!! I don't know ANYONE else who could deliver that and make me laugh as much!!!:roflmfao:
  12. :choochoo:
  13. I like all the above ideas! Esp. the watch one. I know nothing about the watch other than the one I wear, so that would be fun and helpful to others too, I think.
  14. drast! We had the search function back for a short time and I didn't use it enough! Oh well, I'll get some fun new reference threads started anyhow!
    I think we have some Pricescopers ;) here that could help us fill them!?
  15. oh! Should we allow chatting in the reference threads? Or should I be a hard a$$ like I am in Chanel about it being strictly photos only?