Holiday Jewelry.. what did you get?

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    I have seen a lot of us have got some beautiful jewelry for the holidays.. mine was a hanukah and christmas gift combined (Im jewish my husband is christian). We got married 7 months ago yesterday and when we first were looking for my wedding band.. I saw one I fell in love with that was a jacket for my ring and it was about $6400.. while we had the money to purchase it, I decided to spend the majority of that money on another part of the wedding I really wanted and go for the less expensive band I have my husband told me if I wanted, for our one year he would let me pick out another band to do the stacked look which I also love.. so for the holidays (which he totally shocked me), he gave me an envelope with cash and told me I had to use the money on myself and that since he knew I wanted another band he would go with me to check out what was out there.. I found one!!! It is at the jewelers being resized from a 7 to a 7.25 and I should have it in person on the 4th... but here is the stock picture of the band I chose.. Its a Rose Gold and Diamond band to go in between my current ER and WB.

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  2. My sister bought me this Anzie bracelet!

    It's labradorite with a silver sunburst bead. it's such a cool stone, it's grey but flashes green and blue and looks like it has shimmer within the beads!

    anzie bracelet.jpg
  3. I got the earrings I've wanted for ages :smile:
  4. That is beautiful I love that color!! And the bracelet above it is so unique

    Wow.. how awesome is that... Those are amazing!
  5. Beautiful band!!
  6. This is so pretty, can't wait to see it with your wedding set!

    So pretty, I love how the diamond is set into the starburst!


    My husband got me this very sweet pave bar bracelet. Not expensive at all but I absolutely adore it!

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  7. Thank you.. I absolutely love Tacori
  8. I got a SS DBTY from my mom, and some pearl studs from my little brother :tender:

  9. This is so gorgeous! It looks very elegant on its own, but also like it would be a GREAT stacking piece!
  10. Wow so pretty everyone!

    I got a love bracelet for Xmas! I don't have modeling pics yet because I need to go xchange for a size 17 and we are doing that tmrw
  11. Beautiful presents everyone! I especially love the pave bracelet :smile:

    I'm currently waiting on a sapphire and diamond eternity ring to go with my engagement ring. The elves are still making it but it should be ready roundabout 3rd week in Jan, yay!
  12. I got my Tiffany Bean necklace, a new rose gold and diamond watch and a new tanzinate ring
  13. My DH gave me this Dior Rose de Bois ring as my birthday and christmas present. :smile:

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  14. I got the Tiffany mini bow for christmas and I am getting an infinity necklace but they sent the bracelet by mistake so I have to wait to get it.

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  15. Puffy, Tilly and Dandi got a Bvlgari tondo sole sautoir which they might let me wear.

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