Holiday Jewelry.. what did you get?

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  1. Everyone recieved such divine pieces!

    I was given a .10ct 18kwhite gold solitaire diamond pendant necklace. It matches my other fine, dainty necklaces perfectly.

    I purchased for my self the Swarovski Emily 'tennis bracelet'.

    I love fine 'blingy' classic pieces to mix in with my costume jewelery.
  2. a vintage tennis style bracelet w/ faux stones from the 1930's looooove. The inside looks like a sweetheart bracelet.
  3. Thank you Theren!
  4. Thank you twitspie! Isn't boodles great! I am obsessed with their blossom collection. Thinking about getting a bracelet or a necklace next.
  5. Thank you! It's from a British jeweller Boodles.

    Their pieces are breathtakingly beautiful but not sure they are widely available in the US. They are a family business, do not have the global reach as those big names.
  6. Still waiting for my gold starfish earrings. Tiffany ran out of stock and its on back order bit at least they said I was first in line to have it fulfilled when stock came in from Spain!
  7. Here's my Christmas gift from my husband: a rose gold Tiffany Infinity necklace. I love Tiffany's rose gold. On my skin tone it looks like a slightly warmer yellow gold. I took lots of pics to show different it looks depending on the lighting.

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  8. Beautiful! Love the rose gold!
  9. My mum got my sister and I matching sapphire and diamond rings

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  10. Beautiful! Love this.