HG is here, I'm feeling blue!

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  1. OK you fooled me, I wondering why you were feeling blue... but then my brain clicked into gear and I understood! Congrats, its gorgeous and your kids are such cuties too!
  2. You kids are sooooo adorable!!! I cannot help smiling when I see those pictures!! They are super models! :tup:
  3. That bag is sooo gorgeous! I love the indigo with red stitching! Looks so classic and elegant, especially on the Blake! So glad you got your HG:yahoo:
    Your kiddos are so adorable! I love that your son is comfortable with his bag-carrying side;) Mine likes to tromp around in my heels, too! You have a lovely family:smile:
  4. Thank you Wilmie, gypsybiker59, selmom07, Joke, luvpurses24, xi_captain, flugangst, smooches, goldenflower, lccsue, allsaint, pursemonkey!

    A HG is great & all, but it's sharing it w/ people who "get" you that makes it all the more fun!!
  5. congrats!!! that is a beautiful bag and I'm so glad it arrived in better condition that you expected! That's an awesome surprise! :woohoo:
  6. Yeah, mine too!

  7. I've got my eyes peeled for you! :nuts:

  8. I :heart: the suede interior, it's like a special treat everytime you open it up!
  9. Wow! What an amazing find! This may be the best color-combo for a Blake there is.
    And your kids… so damn cute! Your son really know how to model a great bag!:woohoo:
  10. I must have an indigo Stella now, after seeing your beautiful Blake, so do not even blink, lest you miss it !!!! :P

    Speaking of boys being comfortable with playing dress-up ... my second son dressed as a girl for the school Halloween parade when he was in the fifth grade. He wore his sister's dress, ruffled socks, bows in his hair ... and these gigantic tennis shoes (he was already in size 12 by that time, lol)! All the teachers got a kick out of it and many remarked on what a high level of self-confidence that took. I think your son is showing the same. :yes:
  11. Congrats! Beautiful kids and a beatiful bag!! what a lucky lady! enjoy!!
  12. I am so glad this worked out for you! The color is tdf and I think the gamble was definitely worth it. The models looks fabulous as well! ;)
  13. That is a GORGEOUS bag!

    And those are GORGEOUS kiddos!
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    Last edited: Aug 6, 2008
    opps. forgot to mention that your kids are adorable! :yes:
  15. It's always nice to be surprised!!! :yahoo:

    Congrats on your lovely HG!!!

    your "models" are precious :heart: