HG is here, I'm feeling blue!

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  1. I love it!! :heart: That color is TFD!
  2. Congrats, what an amazing bag, and great models!!

  3. :nogood: no blinking here! Love the story about your son! Confident boys are just as important as confident girls! :yes:
  4. Thanks for the kind comment sweetart, jennytalula, baglover1973, lanechange84, HmMmluvthatbag, Irishmommy, secret_shopper, & corrina! ;)
  5. aww your kids are so cute!! LOVE that blake color! it is absolutely gorgeous. congrats!
  6. Yay congrats! She looks great:heart:

    I can totally relate right now to finding that special HG Blake, your feeling blue, I'm feeling rosy red;)
  7. So, so gorgeous! Fabulous pictures too! Congrats on a great bag!
  8. great color! you've got 3 cutie pies there!
  9. fab bag! your kids are sooo cute, they make great models!!
  10. Sooo gorgeous, congrats!!

    And the kiddos are way too cute! :yes:
  11. The bag does looks look like it's in great condition - wow! And your kids are adorable modeling for Mommy LOL.
  12. Absolutely beautiful! Nothing like a little Indigo to make toward a great collection!
  13. :shame: You are all so sweet!

    Thanks MJDaisy, spaceyjacy, Grace123, redskater, grace7, l:heart:MJ, rachieface, & thithi!

    So glad I could share this w/ my MJ crew!
  14. Congrats, A! :woohoo: I'm so happy for you that it worked out and your kids are great models! :nuts:
  15. Thanks, my models work for cheap!

    Thanks also for letting me know about this beauty, that's the best part about the PF, everyone helps each other out! :tup: