Hermes Womens PreFall 2017

  1. I am in love with this little pea coat that I purchased. It goes with everything. This is not the matching skirt. I’m wearing it with anything blue or black that is already in my wardrobe.

  2. This coat is stunning on you!! How are you liking it? I saw this and the brown colorway in store today and they are lovely. I really want to add the brown to my coat collection!
  3. You are so kind-thank you! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this coat! It's so different to anything else out there and I truly feel like I'm floating in a warm and stylish cocoon when I wear it! I adore brown too & didn't see that color so please share if you go ahead! There is also another enormous coat in the new collection I just tried on and cannot get out of my head! H doing amazing RTW is not helping my finances!!
  4. Thank you for sharing! That is lovely to hear and ITA on how unique and chic the coat is! I will definitely share if I go ahead with the purchase. Some crazy part of me feels like it’s a good deal because it’s a bit over half the price of a cashmere coat :lol: I am loving the H RTW but have been waiting for the absolute perfect piece as my first jacket. This may be it!!
  5. I believe this is a Winter 2017 item. It came in bright blue, beige, and black. I am SO tempted by this. If anyone has any feedback on Hermes sweaters generally, it would be welcomed and appreciated.
  6. I have bought many H RTW sweaters and sweater dresses. I have not regretted any purchase. They all hold up beautifully.
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  7. Thank you etoupebirkin! I'm going to give it a try. I need a cardigan sweater, and the classic beige one with the etched horn buttons would be super elegant and versatile.
  8. Does anybody know if this bag is a 28 or 32 and how much it costs?? Was offered a 32, but really want a 28 and think 32 may be too big for my! Thx!
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