Hermes Womens PreFall 2017

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  1. Thank you, CBL!! :flowers:
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  2. Kelly Handle b.w studs.jpg hermes-pre-fall-2017-collection-paris-fashion-week-pfw-ss17-015.jpg

    Kelly Handle.jpg
    Take a look at these handles :heart:
  3. This collection is GORGEOUS, I am so excited! Thank you for sharing, dying over the shapes, the knits, the color blocking and the special Kelly and Bolides. The greens are amazing. I don't have the legs for those thigh high boots so I sure hope they make a knee or ankle version.

    Bravo Nadege, just amazing work!
  4. SO MUCH to love about this collection!!! Dying over the greens and burgundies and that natural bolide is calling my name big time, as are a few of the belts! Loving all the knitwear as well. This is going to be a great collection!!! ❤️
  5. Ohhh, thank you so much for sharing, CanuckBagLover :flowers:!
    I am in love with the Bolide with Amazone strap (wonder in which colors it will come). And...I can't see, but is that natural Bolide Barenia by any chance :nuts:?

  6. And this one, oh myyyy :love:! Another Grizzly Kelly in a yummy dark chocolate color. Wonder if the back of it is leather or Grizzly? Love the contrast handle too!
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  7. What MrsO said. I hear the sounds of the H vacuum revving up and $ whooshing out of my wallet just looking at these pictures.
  8. I wonder how much pilates I can do to make my legs fit those boots :P

    Of course I want the green but DH would call me Kermit :biggrin:
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  9. Are they putting TPM Evie straps on Bolides? In that case I am set for AW *rushes off to look for said items*
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  10. Great collection with more awareness of current trends than I'm used to from Hermes--the Amazone straps, bulky knits, wide trousers and platform boots all read a bit younger and more contemporary than previous collections. And of course the richness of fabrics and colors can't be beat. I love it!
  11. Ouch! I should have never looked. This really hurt my wallet!
  12. Love this....:love:

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  13. Such a gorgeous collection!!
  14. I totally agree with you - this collection feels 'trendy' - I was trying to pick 1-2 coats for my collection and kept asking myself "Is this a classic piece"?