Hermes Waitlist

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  1. I am not sure if anyone has posted this up before (if so please bump me to the thread). I have had my eye on the birkin for quiet some time now but only recently that I have actually attempted to purchase one. I attended the Sydney store and was told that the wait list was 1-3 yrs. They also didn't have one in store for display or anything. My question here would be which Hermes store actually keep the most stock. or have shortest waiting list. I will be flying to Hong Kong and USA in the coming months and was wondering if I could possibly get one at these places?

    Also is it worth while to pop by Milan Station in Hong Kong?
  2. Please ask a Mod to transfer your question to the Hermes sub-forum as I believe that is the best place for your question. ;) This is the Gucci sub-forum with questions exclusively about Gucci products, history, news and services

    This is a question that comes up a LOT on the Hermes Forum and there are threads devoted to how to acquire a Birkin. Walk-ins are possible but very rare, esp ATM all over the world.
  3. Hi there. First of all, this is the gucci forum lol..You should have posted this in the Hermes forum. Anyways, I think France has the most stock especially the FSH store but a Birkin will most likely will not be offered anywhere in the world as Walk-Ins. It is like pure luck if you were ever offered one but you either build a relationship with the store (buy a lot of stuff over time) or just buy over ten thousand dollars and you might be offered a Birkin but they can still deny you the Birkin. It is your luck that plays. Birkin will never be on display anywhere because its a rare bag and SAs will probably lie to you even if they have it in stock if they don't feel like giving it to you.
  4. *Birkin will never be on display anywhere because its a rare bag*
    I wouldn't quite say that as I have seem them on display at the Hermes store in Montreal on a couple of occasions.
  5. Oh really? Then you must be in luck because most people never see them on display. I have never in many countries I have traveled. They usually hide it.
  6. I have a feeling although not very strong that its not as popular in Montreal. Most people here seem to favour other styles like the Bolide and Lindy which are the most popular here.
  7. So sorry I am not sure how I posted in the wrong forum. Thanks for the information :smile:
  8. Sorry but I can't figure out how to get this moves over to Hermes forum :sad:
  9. Everything you hear about the long waiting lists and the `luck`or `special tricks` needed to be able to buy some of the H products just blows my mind! It`s like another world, Hermes.
  10. Just send a PM to a mod and they will do it for you (you can't do it yourself)
  11. Milan station are crazy about the price. To want a brand new one or second one? The new one they make up to almost double the Hermes shop!
    I'm in hk, if u come to get one, I could give u advice.
  12. I've seen their products. Are they good condition? How much more is it over-priced?
  13. You're kidding me right? In Asia and much throughout the world, I have seen the Boldie and sometimes the Lindy on display lol...never a Birkin or a Kelly.
  14. Milan Station was fingered for fakes so be careful
  15. I have seen Birkins and Kellys on the shelf in Europe but they tend to be croc with/without diamonds or really mini.

    I love Bolides but not at all in casual leathers like togo (which they all seem to be ATM) every other bag Hermes pushes Epsom except the bags in suits the best, I give up with H, their policies seem perverse :rolleyes: