Scarves Hermès Spring/Summer '19 Scarves

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  1. These threads are archived as part of our reference library, therefore please only post scarves on this thread from the season in the title. If you are not sure, please do a search or ask in the ID this scarf thread before you post. :drinks:
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  2. Thank you for posting this! I’ve got a Vibrato Herbag in orange/browns which would be lovely together with one of these! Sadly I do understand why the Vibrato is discontinued, it is almost behaving like suede, and positively attracts dirt and grime, and of course the bag corners are especially vulnerable. I’m normally quite careful with my things, but wearing this bag has given me a few heartstopping moments. Enjoy your scarf:smile:
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  3. Oh no, so sorry to hear your Vibrato Herbag is stressful! I'm guessing the eraser hasn't helped? I've never used my eraser, but I have the exact same bag except in cream/blue/green/purple and am always amazed at how pristine it's stayed over the years. I guess I've gotten very very lucky.
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  4. CW2 of Esprit de la Foret reminds me of Les Ailes de la Soie, especially seeing these two colorways side by side. Butterfly.png
  5. @papertiger @bunnycat Thank you for your kind words and all the likes.
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  6. Wow! Very similar, I think les ailes would tie better. Not sure about the space in la Foret. I could completely wrong!:flowers:
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  7. A rainbow with the softness of a cashmere cloud, extraordinary :woohoo:
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  8. Gorgeous! Do you find it tricky to wear? It seemed so delicate when I tried it on? I was afraid of damaging it just trying it on. Would love to hear your opinion.
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    AnnaE, I don't think I'll find it tricky at all, although I'm waiting for slightly springier weather before I take it on its maiden voyage. I did think about that question when I tried it on as well, because it is such a seemingly delicate object. Here's my reasoning as to why I'll still feel carefree about wearing it:

    1. I've often found with H that the more fine and delicate something looks, the harder it wears. Thinking about my scarf collection, some of my hardiest pieces are the thinnest: my mousselines are tough as nails (excepting the last couple of years which have been much more prone to snags in my experience), and the Altai "Plaid" blankets that I wear as wraps are still perfect in spite of a razor-thin, open weave. Here's a comparison between the Vibrato Plume and one of my Altais.
    The Altai is 100% cashmere and a slightly different weave, but it's the size of a full-size mattress yet made so that it can be pulled through a small wooden ring, so you can imagine how delicate it feels. I've worn it on planes, trains, subways, through careless crowds, sitting on a log at a campfire, recklessly stuffed it in bags with my keys-- you name the shawl crime and I've committed it-- and the threads haven't budged in years of wearing it hard. My CSGMs should take lessons from it!

    2. Looking carefully at the Vibrato Plume, you can see its handmade nature: the fine threads aren't all pushed perfectly together, some of them have tiny little waves, etc. I really like this about it, that I can see the role of a human hand in working on the loom. Somehow it also makes me more comfortable with the idea that a thread or two might move a little during the natural course of events.

    3. It's a busy pattern and I think its play of colors and shimmers will camouflage just about any flaws that crop up. As long as I'm comfortable potentially knowing one is there (and I am), I don't feel worried other people will see anything amiss.

    4. My SA said worst-case scenario, it can be sent back to Nepal for repair. I doubt it'll come to that, but it's a nice thing to know!

    5. The price-to-beauty ratio in this piece is (for me) favorable enough that I won't lambaste myself over the lost money if an accident befalls the shawl. If it were three times the price, that might be another story.

    All that being said, it would certainly be possible to hook something through the weave, yank, and create a big gap of shifted threads at best or a hole at worst. I haven't encountered situations like that in my scarf-wearing, but if I knew that was my particular type of scarf-risk, I would perhaps think twice (@dharma mentioned doggie nails upthread, and that strikes me as a very valid concern).

    So when the weather turns a little brighter, I'm planning on getting lots of use out of this piece. My thought is that it'll be especially handy for evenings that get cooler as the night goes on. On such occasions I might start out wearing the Vibrato as a stole:


    ...and then when the temperature drops, unwind it and spread it out as a wrap:


    (Terrible drab lighting here today, but you get the idea, even if no justice is done to the luminous colors!)
  10. It’s such a beautiful piece.
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  11. Gorgeous. I love madras.
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  12. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, really helpful! :ty:
  13. Thank you so much for sharing your insights. I love learning about these scarves and moussies through you due to your deep knowledge and experience. :heart:
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  14. Youve pretty much sold me on this.
    I can see myself wearing it out like in your second pic, but with a belt.
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  15. Agree on you points.

    Loving it with what your wearing, it is going to lift the simplest outfits.
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  16. :hugs:

    I should thank YOU for humoring my Scarf Dissertations :lol:

    Oooh how lovely! Although the caption is giving me a laugh: it's described as silk and cashmere, yet also 100% cashmere. Hermes might be worse at math than I am. :amuse: Both colorways are gorgeous, whatever it's made of.

    I will be thoroughly flattered if you become my twin on this one, @BBC! :flowers:
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