Scarves Hermès Spring/Summer '19 Scarves

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  1. These threads are archived as part of our reference library, therefore please only post scarves on this thread from the season in the title. If you are not sure, please do a search or ask in the ID this scarf thread before you post. :drinks:
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  2. OT, and I don't know what others do, but I use the cashmere brush from The Laundress. Expensive, but you'll own it forever.
    I also use their Delicate Wash when I have to wash my scarves... a hint I picked up on the "Cleaning Your H Scarves" thread!
  3. Yes, I did but am not sure if I'm keeping it. Might exchange it for a different cw. :thinking: It does look better on me than the earlier ones I ordered online and returned (cw 04 and 06).
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  4. It occurs to me that, between the Godzilla on Animapolis and all the various monsters on Sweet Dreams, that this must be the year of the Monster according to H. What clued me into that insight was I was looking at Sweet Dreams and wondering who would cuddle those formidable animals. And it occurred to me, Godzilla would! (Maybe this is the year of Godzilla?). Actually, the element of fantasy in these scarves is very charming and unexpected. Who would have thought?
  5. I am already thinking about multiples. I bought 07 (red/blue/gold) and love it for winter. Now I’m debating 10 and and 09 for a brighter summer palette. After your post, I’m starting to love 03. It’s just trouble I do love the blue cw but your pictures helped me push it down my list because I already have two very blue 140s and it doesn’t really add a use to my collection. It is very pretty though.
  6. Think both of those Sieste CWs are beautiful! Personally I don’t mind the red hem on the first one. I do think I would prefer the scarf with a different color cardigan, though. To me the dark blue one looks more light me you, but you are the one who needs to be happy!
    I have had a few scarves with contrast hem that I was “ meh” about, and they did grow on me after awhile.
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  7. LOL! Yes, i fell in love with the design afterwards. I like hems that are harmonious with the design but unique enough that it doesn’t get lost on the eye when you look at it. This is the perfect example for me. I have this shawl but the hem caught my eye first. (Pic courtesy of the
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  8. Such an elegant cw, @weN84! Was this your choice for Sieste? :smile: l thought the lake was silver from the H photos. Thanks for clarifying that it's lilac.

    @Joannadyne congrats on Animapolis and thank you for sharing photos of Sieste. Unless you are getting more than one, I think you should wait for the other cw's before choosing. Like you, @disappeared, @bunnycat, @QueenieQ and others - I've grown picky about contrast hems, especially white contrast hems. White hems (even on cw's I love) eventually morph into this annoying reminder that I've settled, that it's a compromise, and that I still don't like it. :frown:
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  10. Perfect match @Langsam!
    Love how you wore this cw, @kadmia. Delightful eye-candy! :heart:
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  11. You know yourself so well. The ones you chose are so you (begging to differ on opinion about the red hem, it looks great)

    Ill be surprised if you don't end up with the last Sieste too. I'm in love with that one and I'm even in too giant Plumes
  12. This is pure art, @Croisette7! Bojagi did not disappoint - so elegant.
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  13. Sooo .... did Animapolis go home with you? Enquiring minds want to know :smile:
  14. @Joannadyne, that last Sieste (CW 8) is on my short list. The shells look purple in your photo while H's product photo looks more blue. How would you describe the color? thank you so much for sharing these photos.
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  16. :giggle: :angel: I hope you'll be able to find them to try it so that you'll know for sure! :smile:

    I had the same thought as you initially, until I saw that it's actually lilac! A nice surprise but alas, once tied it's mostly hidden. :sad: This was my initial pick when looking at stock pics, but I'm eager to hunt down 01, 05 and 08 to find the best cw for me. The colors in 01 that @csetcos bought are right up my alley. :hbeat:

    It's Larubizana.
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