Scarves Hermès Spring/Summer '19 Scarves

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  1. These threads are archived as part of our reference library, therefore please only post scarves on this thread from the season in the title. If you are not sure, please do a search or ask in the ID this scarf thread before you post. :drinks:
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  2. Aha! Yes, thanks so much!
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  4. This season is full of temptations. My latest SS19 indulgence is a Plume Vibrato stole. These stoles are 200 x 100cm, so they’re nice and wide and perfect for draping over the shoulders on cool summer nights, but they are tissue-thin and can easily be folded into a narrower strip and worn as a scarf. The composition is 80% cashmere and 20% silk, which gives them a wonderful cloudlike loft and a gossamer sheen.

    The sixteen shades of thread in this colorway were all hand-dyed and then hand woven using a traditional loom in Nepal. The pattern references traditional Madras cloth, and the name H has given them is an homage to the now sadly discontinued Vibrato leather.

    There should be a few more colorways too— I see a caramel, cream, blue, and green iteration on the Japan H site now. I’ll try to post a few mod shots this week to show what it looks like as a wrap, since is only displaying it worn wrapped like a narrower stole.

    9F3991EE-60D8-4924-A0CD-6E37A268D8DC.jpeg 69E9E26D-C65B-4D52-B6AC-63B536109733.jpeg
  5. Wow, this is beautiful!! Can you please share the tag and the price as well? Can’t seem to find it on the Japanese site. Would love to see more pics!
  6. Incredible. Thank you so much for sharing. This one is a beauty.
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    I have been dying to see these in person and can’t decide between them at all. I also surprised myself falling in love with bronze which I was able to try. This is most likely my only silk this season but three???? I just can’t go down that path!

    Gorgeous! I saw the blue and red this week. It’s like touching fabric woven by Faires. One loving jump of my dog(s) or a quick catch in a zipper and it’s all over :lol:
    Did you get a chance to try the bronze peony yet?
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  8. Oh- you look fabulous in this falarose!

    Squee! Love them mimi!

    This is so beautiful calexandre!
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  9. Adding info on this shawl. The name is Sunrise, it’s 160cm in 100% cashmere mousseline, woven in Nepal.
  10. beautiful- cashmere mousseline- wow!
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  11. Omg cashmere mousseline!!! Wow!
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  12. This is beautiful. Can’t wait to see this IRL.
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  13. This is amazing! Would love to see the tag (and also the price) for this. Is it available in the U.S., or only in Japan?

    ETA: Nevermind. I just found it on the USA H site. Oh, dear.
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  14. Thank you all for your lovely likes and comments on the Vibrato Plume! :flowers:

    For @Angelian and @ElainePG, here's the description/item number/etc. The one I tried on at the boutique had the usual plastic tag attached, but this one from the stockroom didn't. The UK price is £710, which is about 20% less than a CSGM. Hopefully the math is consistent across currencies and you'll be able to deduce the price in your area. :smile:


    Ha, I do suspect an adorable little doggie nail might leave a trace on this one. I'm hoping it wears as well as the Altai blankets I wear as wraps sometimes, which are similarly thin but all cashmere. Still, I've resigned myself to the fact that somewhere along the line I might see a snag, which will hopefully hide well amongst all those colors. No doubt it'll sting when it happens even if I'm prepared for it! :lol:

    No peonies have shown up over here yet, curiously. I'm glad I got my rose-colored one online back in December, but I'm very curious to see the others....
  15. Verrrrry interesting! I wonder if this will be similar to the "voile" cashmeres that were issued somewhere in the aughts, or even thinner?

    @ElainePG, looks like this is a slightly different thing, with no silk content, gorgeous ombre patterns instead of plaids, and square format. Also made in Nepal, however, and might use the same weaving technique-- can't wait to see! Meanwhile, here's a link to the other Vibrato Plume colorway that appears on the Japan site right now:
  16. O.M.G. :love: