Scarves Hermès Spring/Summer '19 Scarves

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  1. These threads are archived as part of our reference library, therefore please only post scarves on this thread from the season in the title. If you are not sure, please do a search or ask in the ID this scarf thread before you post. :drinks:
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  2. + 1
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  3. Thank you! It's cw 09 :smile:
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  4. Twins with you on this one! The colors are phenomenal and so is the design. I really think it is the prettiest scarf in my collection :heart:

    Congratulations, wear them all in good health!
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  5. They are different enough to justify both :graucho:

    Blue Pivoines.jpg
  6. Hmmm ... I'm wondering if this might be a design I get 2 of. For sure they are different and in fact anything in my closet that one doesn't go with, the other one would. The subtlety of the bleu lac CW would make it very wearable for work too. It would be a first for me to get multiples of the same format! The modern floral elegance of this one reminds me of Iris, my "spirit animal" scarf. Count me smitten! I echo the others who would love to see pix of @werner 's collection.
  7. I believe it's Yucatan based on @Angelian's post here. :smile:
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  8. Did you buy CW 14 in the US?
  9. I have CW04, the pink one. The images of the blues came from the internet, for comparison purposes :smile:
  10. Inspiring by the Animapolis bracelet.
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  11. Wow! You wear these bright colors so beautifully.
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  12. Update ... I have succumbed. Bleu lac is on its way to me.
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  13. Animapolis and Feline Tattoo bracelets
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  14. You look prefect!
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