Scarves Hermès Spring/Summer '19 Scarves

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  1. These threads are archived as part of our reference library, therefore please only post scarves on this thread from the season in the title. If you are not sure, please do a search or ask in the ID this scarf thread before you post. :drinks:
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  2. I hear you about the beige trees, but I think this last Sieste looks great on you. The overall effect is lovely. I know you already have lots of purple, but....
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  3. Darling Nahreen I just love this twiily! The soft pink and purple... and of course the design itself...GAHHHHHH
    Do you think the taupey/goldish color of the twilly would blend well with a gold birkin?
    Or is the color more like a Trench/Gris T shade?

  4. Good gracious!!! I know I'm late commenting (running behind on this thread) but I had to say this is perfection with your hair!!!! Just amazing!

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  5. I’m the same with the hems. The beige Sieste is DIVINE!
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  6. Thank you! The pinky mauve Sieste is truly lovely but I do wonder if the fig-colored sweater is to blame for setting it off so well. I try to wear neutrals when I know I’m headed to H but yesterday was more spur of the moment. Also the last two time I planned a visit and wore black, they didn’t have anything new in. ‍♀️

    Thank you!! OK, a solid vote for the red hem!

    Ohhh, will you post a mod shot of Animaplis on bright blue??? I just ordered a bright blue sweater and would loooove to see how this would look together!

    You’re welcome - it’s my favorite kind of PSA!
    Hopefully, it’ll help those who don’t have a store close by.

    Haha, I am so tickled that you had the same experience with Animapolis! I totally agree that’s unlike anything else in my collection, too, and the liveliness is refreshing, isn’t it? I’ve never done a 180 like this before. I was so sure that this one was just not for me.

    Oh, I forgot about the red cw of Sieste. Hmm, I’ll have to remember to try that one as well! Right now, I’m 80% sure the blue one will be mine. I love how the white branches on the blue remind me of a certain style of Asian ceramics.

    Thank you, hannasophia!
    I am dying to try Pautinka’s cw!! I do worry about that yellow hem, though. I seem to have an aversion to yellow gems for some odd reason.

    I know, this is going to be so hard. I think the other factor is making sure I pick a cw that doesn’t duplicate the fuchsia 90 I have. Plus I think I’m starting to feel satiated with the purples I have. I’m feeling like I need to branch out into colors - gasp! - outside the pink/purple family. I think I might put electric blue streaks in my hair next. That’d go with the blue Sieste, haha!

    Oh, good to know I’m not alone about being picky with hems! Have you ever bought a scarf with a hem color you didn’t like? If so, did you grow to like it? Or did it always bother you later?
  7. BBC- that's gorgeous! His designs are so well suited to large formats!

    I love the 1st CW of Animopolis on you! And for Siesta- I think in your place, I'd go with the blue one. Although I am picky about contrast hems, I would have more problems with the beige trees....but I also think you should look at Pautinka's CW if you can just to make sure!

    FWIW- I don't like white contrast hems...and so that is why I initially thought I wouldn't get the pink Baobab Cat because of the hem...but of course...thats the one I have and I don't regret it. There's so much else for me to like I don't pay attention to the white hem and really, there's no other hem color that would have been better for it in hindsight....
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  8. Dear IF,

    Thank you so much. I think it would look lovely with a pink bag!

    I don`t own anything in gold, trench or gris T so I can`t post any comparison pics. I tested it with my beige/sand looking Dior and it works fine with the goldish leaves and does not clash with the pink background. It was not as nice when I looked at it next to my brown canvas LV because of the pink background. So probably nicer with lighter brown/beige colours.
  9. You put it so succinctly, dear Bunnycat! I do have more problems with the beige trees than the red hem. Even if the beige works in total harmony with the rest of the colors on the scarf, beige makes me feel invisible and/or nekkid, aka washes me out. In general, I have issues with browns. And yes, I’m waiting for Pautinka’s gorgeous cw!
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  10. Omg I think I’ve missed a ton of posts in this thread! Just seeing this now and ohhhh, pivoines is so gorgeous tied!!!
    (And as an aside, how do you guys conquer the cashmere bobble monsters??? I am being overrun by them but I love my sweaters!)
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  11. nope, because my eye just zooms in on the hem. The hem is actually a deal breaker for me if I dont like it. On the other hand, if I am in love with the hem and not 100% of the scarf design, I end up buying the scarf. I’m so backwards. LOL!
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  12. Haha, that’s hilarious! Did you subsequently fall in love with the design afterwards? What hem colors are you drawn to the most? Does your method make for a varied collection or do your scarves wind up having similarities?
  13. My last scarf, Coupé de Gala, has a yellow hem, a color I do not adore but on this scarf, it's a great feature. I love contrast hem, I think it could be a major feature. I have passed on PdS CSGM because the cw I was interested had a white hem (a color I find difficult to wear on scarf). For a CSGM, you better be double sure of your choice :smile:
  14. Wen this is GORGEOUS! The folded photos are amazing. Did you end up getting it?
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  15. Thank you israeli_flava!!