Scarves Hermès Scarf Identification

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  1. Do you have a mystery Hermes scarf that needs to be identified?
    Need to know the date of your Hermes scarf?
    Is something bothering you about a scarf that you own that you want answered?

    Post your questions here. Preferably with pictures for enlightenment.

    This thread was opened for easy access to newbies, making it easier for the scarf experts to keep track of questions asked, and hopefully, lessening the clutter for people who want to discuss bags only since this is called The PURSE Forum.

    Please be aware that a lot of your questions can be answered if you know the name of your Hermes scarf. Approximately 75% of Hermes scarves have the title somewhere on the scarf. Usually in the middle: middle top, center of the scarf, or middle of the bottom. If your scarf has a lot of writing on it, the title is usually the phrase in the LARGEST font.

    Try to type keywords of the title into one of two databases on the internet:

    Hermes Scarf Collectors International

    Also, check the following helpful threads on tPF:

    The thread is now open for business. :tup:
  2. Thanks... can the mods make this a sticky? It would be a great reference! (Bookmarked all the links!) Great post, as always, seton!
  3. Hello all, I need help with this scarf!

    Item: New Hermes Scarf Grand Roue black
    Item 200264611518
    Seller: designerbrat

    Thanks so much for any information on the seller and/or authenticity of this item!
  4. Seton, could i please ask you a question? This scarf confuses the bejesus outta me! It looks to me like the Ex-Libris design, but this site calls it Les Voitures Hippomobiles. Please clarify for this newbie? thanks in advance :heart:

  5. Seton, thanks for opening this thread - I just found it and posted my inquiry about a Hermes scarf authentication and whether seller is reputable, can you help me with this?
  6. I opened this thread with the permission of jag, our moderator. She promised to make this a Sticky once I started this thread. :smile:
  7. This seller sells authentic. HOWEVER, this seller is known for showing a picture of the sale "s" stamp without a mention or explanation in the text. As long as you are fine with that, go for it. Grand Roue is so often faked that you HAVE to buy it from a seller who specializes in H scarves.
  8. You really need to email Opportunities and ask why they are calling it that. Technically, only they know why.

    I will say tho that Ex-Libris is an untitled scarf and it's been my experience from 10 yrs on eBay that loads of sellers like to make up names. I have this exact same scarf (90cm navy/black, it's from the last time H offered it in 90cm silk twill, let me know if you want a pic of my scarf) and nowhere does it say "Voitures Hippomobiles" on it. And from what I can tell from Opportunities's pic, their scarf dont either.
  9. Seton, Thanks for your clarification. I would love to see a pic of your scarf. I love this cw, i think navy and black is a gorgeous combination, very classic in my mind. I think Opportunities is known for not disclosing all the info re items, or indeed, getting it right! As i will never be able to afford this design in the coveted cashmere shawl, the silk twill is my only opportunity, pardon the pun.!
    Regarding sellers making up names, i agree, it happens alot, and for newbies researching scarves, it becomes laborious..... thanks again for your help:flowers:
  10. ~~~~~~~~~~~~Thank You!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~
    I have a couple I've run into dead ends with. I will do some pics in a couple days. Again~~~~~~~ T.Y.
  11. I just posted my reply on the other thread; in case you missed it:

  12. It's referred to as Ex-Libris. Please note that this is a very very old version. It doesnt have the grave or the hyphen between the "HERMES" and the "PARIS" as modern versions do. I personally would not go over $80-100 for this one but it's up to you.

    My info on the design can be found here

    It's referred to by the words on the bottom right - La Reale.
    This is reissued about every 5 yrs or so by H.
  13. YW. I will post my pic in the Ode to ExLibris thread so as not to veer too off-topic. Look out for it.
  14. ^lovely seton, thank-you.