Hermès Petit H

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    Did you order it from the US site? I posted the same item the other day, it is a special edition rodeo charm. Here is the original post I did on Post eBay/Web Hermes Finds:
    I have no idea why they wrapped it with petit H ribbon and petit H mini leather tag, because it is a rodeo charm, not petit H. Either way, it looks so cute in real life. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Oh that is so funny. Yep the US site. I was really surprised when I saw it. It is like yours!
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  3. Good to know that special rodeo went to a TPF member :smile: Enjoy!
  4. Rome event, Petite H eye candy IMG_1491522124.778807.jpg
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  5. My petite H horse from Rome event, I Love it. IMG_1491691157.495641.jpg IMG_1491691164.754479.jpg
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  7. Are they available for sale, or for display only?
  8. Love my gelato charm from Rome IMG_1491923498.557207.jpg
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  10. They were for sale, unfortunately it looks like the mods removed the other photos I had posted of the charms. Sorry just was trying to share since we all can't go to Rome to purchase
  11. I arrived in Rome today and look what I've got from the petit H event!! Oh my God, i feel i'm the luckiest girl!! I wanted a cat so badly and I never thought I would be able to get it, and the gondola is super duper cute!!! IMG_1492633420.480829.jpg IMG_1492633453.081769.jpg IMG_1492633473.396957.jpg IMG_1492633493.093464.jpg
  12. I went to petit H Rome again and got 2 more goodies, a gorgeous grey cashmere poncho and a passport holder. Forgive my poor lighting, for the passport holder, the side without the vespa is electric blue IMG_1492702628.494962.jpg IMG_1492702665.701353.jpg IMG_1492702687.259127.jpg