Hermès Petit H

  1. Very pretty dear!
    Do you mind sharing the price of these Rome Petit H? I wonder if they're same price as the ones at Sevres which is €250 :smile:
    Thank you!!
  2. Gm sized ones are 250, pm sized ones are 200
  3. Thank you so much for sharing the info dear :smile:
    Petit H has increased its price incredibly. A yr ago or so it was 160 for GM and 130 for PM :sad: :sad:
  4. Looooove the Red one!! I really wish I could go tooooo :sad: :sad: :sad: would've loved some of these...sigh... :sad:
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  5. Thank you!
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  6. My pleasure, millivanilli! :yw: I hope you can visit the Petit h store! ;)
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    I hope so too! Actually I planed going to Italy withing in the next weeks but not to Rome... well... Obviously my plans changed;) I need the dog and a few other things ;)

    Do you know if they have the skeleton bags in Rome too?

    Any intel where the next Petit H store will pop up?
  8. Darma, may I ask how much the skelelton bag was? I am desperately looking for one. Could you please send me the intel by Dm? THANKKKKKK YOU
  9. That's great, millivanilli! Please, post a reveal later on if possible. ;) I'm sorry, I don't know their stock as I left Rome a few days before the opening. And no intel about a next Petit h either. Hope you have a lot of fun! :tup:
  10. Next Petit H will be in Seoul sometime November so I've been told by Petit H Sevres.

    Wish I could go to Rome!! Although I'm so close to Italy work schedule doesn't allow me a break.... :sad: :sad:
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  12. It was 1700 Euro before VAT refund. This style has two sizes, and the one I bought is the smaller one.
  13. THank you dear Darma!!!

  14. Ugh Seoul is too far away.... Oh that's a pitty that your work schedule won't allow you a sneak peak to petit H :sad: Shall I write you an excuse? " I am sorry my goodies can't come to work today as ... you know... Rome wasn't built in a day... ;))"
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  15. That s so lovely!!
    I just ordered one from h.com n I very much want to have fuchsia
    That s so lovely!!! Congrats on the pink!!!

    I just ordered one from h.com but the image keeps changing the colours on the rouge/ rose/ fuschia range so I am not quite sure what colour I am getting
    I very much want the fuschia one so I wrote it in the additional info when I placed my order... finger crossed!!

    Anyone knows from this ref code H1061358 41 that what colour that might be?!

    And as this is my first petit h charm, anyone knows what size it is referring to when it says 11.3 x 5.5 ?!

    Another thing is this one on the site seems to have lines at the cone area ?! Leave me very puzzled!

    After I got the charm, I actually found out that I got a day off on 5 May and could travel to Rome for a day trip!! Just feeling very struggled if I should go as I want the gondola n pizza charms... would be very disappointed if they are all sold out .. so if anyone goes before me plz plz share~~~ ^^
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