Hermès Petit H

  1. IMG_1491223845.485557.jpg IMG_1491223852.919092.jpg IMG_1491223859.868495.jpg IMG_1491223866.653219.jpg IMG_1491223878.465098.jpg IMG_1491223885.469202.jpg IMG_1491223893.290902.jpg IMG_1491223899.840550.jpg
    More items front and back of each one shown
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  4. I'll dm you his contact info cause he said the price very depending on the size.
  5. They are right! I love the cutout to see the silk. They're from the Petit H event in Rome I'm not sure if they are inclusive to that event or if they will be available elsewhere.
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  6. More items from Rome event IMG_1491246304.040302.jpg IMG_1491246322.455794.jpg IMG_1491246330.650013.jpg
  7. The vespa and the mask are so cool.
  8. They are sooooo cute!!
  9. I ordered a rodeo the other day online from H and look what I got lol! It must be something new as i've never seen this before...its a rodeo with horse hair! Its really cute. Funny thing, it was not listed under the petit H area when I ordered it. It was listed under leather charms just like the regular rodeos. When it arrived and I saw the petit H ribbon and the little petit H mini leather I thought... gee what is this lol. Anyhow, thought I would share this! RodeoOne.jpg RodeoTwo.jpg
  10. This is so cute! :heart: Which website was this one? UK or US? :smile: