Hermes "Mosaique au 24" Handbag

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  1. Love that shade of green! And is that ghw?
  2. permabrass :smile: its like a champagne gold
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  3. Brought this little cutie home with me today!! This is the “mini” size 17, Abricot in epsom. I’m so in love! It’s a beautifully structured bag with amazing details in the craftsmanship.

    C71D5E88-62D6-4340-99DC-88715707D2CF.jpeg A1805904-3D4C-43C4-B9CE-E1E59640C123.jpeg
  4. Hey I just realised I was offered this bag in ghw at FSH last month which I mistakenly called it the opli. Bleu encre mosaic is beautiful indeed, congrats!
    I turned down the offer because I am still holding out for a C.
  5. How exciting
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  6. Love it in that color. So pretty!
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  7. Love it
    Is the hardware rose gold?
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  8. Thank you! And no, it’s palladium. Rose gold would be stunning with it too though!
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  9. It is an interesting design, however not on my list.

  10. It's so pretty in a small size! Can it be used as an evening bag?
  11. I would say so, but I am also not a very formal person. It is similar in size to the C18 with the same strap design, so if you can use the C18 as an evening bag, then you should be able to do so for this one as well. I hope this helps!
  12. I have tried this size in person and yes the small size is definitely an evening bag. It is not too practical to be used as a day bag.
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  13. Hello! For those of you who have a Mosaïque and/or a C24 or who tried both in store could you please let me know if the capacity of each bag is the same or if one can fit more than the other? Thanks in advance for your help!
  14. D2585D5E-BDDF-4D9F-B66E-7BB0F2009712.jpeg 8DC8E27C-BDDC-4E7C-8945-8DF1E9E6046D.jpeg 1264E599-48AD-4155-A686-F397CD37C2A7.jpeg
    I laid a Mosaique 21 over a Constance 24. Height wise they are about the same. However, the Mosaique is more rounded at the bottom and slight narrower as you can see from the 1st pic where u can see a little of the blue Constance showing. The 2nd shot makes it look like the 2 are same width but the Constance is wider by a bit as per shot number 1. Third shot shows the comparison from the side view so you can compare relative depth. My Azap wallet fits in the Mosaique nearer the top of the bag since it will not go all the way down due to the rounded edges at the bottom of the bag. My wallet goes into the Mosaique deep enough so I can comfortably close the purse flap even though the wallet does not fit at the very bottom of the purse. My Azap wallet does not fit in the Constance because whereas the Mosaique is straight on the sides, the Constance is indented on the sides making it functionally narrower even though it is visually wider when one bag is laid directly over the other.
  15. Very thoguhtful comparison with the photos! Thank you! :tup:
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