Hermes "Mosaique au 24" Handbag

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  1. have not bought it yet :smile: they are pics from the website :smile:

    How are you liking your bleu encre bag? Is the leather of your bag epsom? I am asking because this black one I am eyeing is in a different leather type called grained Monsieur though it looks very similar to epsom.
  2. OH....I was going to say how awesome the pics were. Duh. Yes, my bag is epsom and love that it's a heartier, stiffer leather. It definitely shows the structure of the bag beautifully. I'm LOVING THE BAG SO SO much! Not an constance bag girl, and this is the perfect alternative. Hope you end up with Ms. "Monsier". ;)
  3. Haha thanks
    I am so so tempted!
  4. It really is a gorgeous bag! I love mine
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  5. Got first hand experience today and try this on side by side with my Roulis

    Verdict : I love it !
    Capacity wise, it fits similar or maybe just less than a Roulis 23 , similar capacity as a Hermes 2002-20 and definitely more than a Constance 24.

    The monsieur leather is more refined and less rigid than Epsom.

    Definitely I am tempted but didn’t pull the trigger because it is same colour (rouge h) as my Roulis.

    So waiting on other colours :smile:

  6. Any sightings of a “mini” size (17)? [emoji848]
  7. Thanks for the comparisons. Now i’m thinking of a roulis for my next bag! In the rouge I kinda like your roulis better.
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  8. Thanks I love my roulis and the price point of roulis is better too
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  9. What’s the leather on your roulis?
  10. Sombrero leather with permabrass hw
  11. Nice!
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  12. Some new colours spotted on official hermes website

    1. Gold Epsom

    2. Rouge H grained Monsieur

    3. Rouge H smooth Monsieur
  13. Ooh, that Rouge H smooth is so pretty!
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  14. I agree I think the smooth leather really elevates the design of this bag
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  15. Just tried on this today at the store! Vert Cypress Epsom :smile:

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