Hermes "Mosaique au 24" Handbag

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  1. Unfortunately, it does not, but I feel if it did, it would change the clean lines and feel of the bag. Here are some pics!

    IMG_6887.JPG IMG_6886.JPG
  2. Sure thing. It was hard to get a good pic without having to stretch the bag too much. The front and back section both have a flush inner pocket and then there's a center slot to put credit cards etc...

    The picture doesn't do justice and makes it look narrow, but it's quite roomy and will hold all my essentials for a night out and quick daily errands!

  3. May I ask the price, if you don’t mind? Thank you and congrats!
  4. Of course I don't mind! 6000 euros (compared to the $8150 US price...I in an article I think...) Another reason i'm so happy. LOL
  5. Love this!!!
  6. Thank you.
  7. thank you so much dear! xoxo
  8. Cant wait to see the real thing from my home store
    I believe they yet to receive this
  9. A few official photos via

    Mosaique au 24 - 21 bag
    Bag in grained Monsieur calfskin with one pocket, two compartments and palladium plated hardware
    Dimensions: L 21 x H 18.5 x D 6.5 cm
  10. very cool bag! congrats!
  11. Was briefly on last night in ghw...gorgeous model
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    Tempted but only if I didn’t have a black Constance already :smartass:
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  13. I was just going to edit my post to add that I love this as an alternative to the Constance! So understandable to be reasonable
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  14. What a beauty!! That ghw adds such an edgy drama!! Congrats. [emoji1319][emoji1319]