Hermes "Mosaique au 24" Handbag

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  1. Thank you so much!!! Very helpful !
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  2. Which one do you prefer? I am attracted to both of them but I don’t know which one to choose!
  3. Hmmm. Not sure. I like both and use both. I tend to use my Mosaique more because I like the way the clasp works a bit better. You press down to release vs the Constance where u press up underneath to release. I’m a bit of a klutz and sometimes feel my fingernails scrape the leather as I try to unlatch my Constance. It’s epsom leather so I haven’t scratched the leather. But I could see this being a problem if I had a Constance in one of the smooth leathers. I’ve only seen the Mosaique in the stiffer grained leathers epsom and monsieur calfskin which are leathers I like. The Constance shows up in a much wider variety of leathers so if u don’t like epsom or epsom type leathers then maybe the Constance will give you a wider choice of leathers. Has anyone seen a Mosaique in any leathers other than Epsom or Monsieur calfskin?
  4. Actually my hesitation is between a black C24 in Epsom and the Mosaique in Veau Monsieur. I have a Barenia C18 and would like to have a black bag in the same kind of shape but with a less delicate leather and more spacious! And that I can wear crossbody as well. Thank you for your help!
  5. Oh I would love a Barenia Constance but I also see why you would want an alternative in Epsom or Veau Monsieur. Btw I can’t use either the C24 or the Mosaique 21 crossbody. I find the strap is too short
  6. Thanks a lot!

  7. i see gold hardware for Mosaique 24 in size 17 in gold epsom and black monsieur leather. are there more colors available not on the site? id love a black version in epsom leather and gold hardware.
  8. Going to pick up the vert cypress version in size 17 this week! I'm so excited.

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  9. How the 17 wears on the shoulder. It works as a crossbody as well. Love.

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  10. Picked up this bag today in vert cypres and permabrass hardware! It's almost black in the shade but a rich green in the sun. I love how it looks!

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  11. Comparison pics for those who need a bit of enabling :happydance:

    2002 size 20 gold PHW
    Mosaique au 24 size 21 vert cypress PbHW
    Roulis size 23 PbHW
    Constance size 24 RGHW

    Capacity wise
    Roulis > Mosaique > 2002 > Constance

    A2673CD8-7D76-453E-A278-3E7914F87209.jpeg E6EBA700-61BD-4D5B-B873-CFFF15CA8CCD.jpeg 713DA9A0-5560-4CF9-B720-0740C613FCCE.jpeg 68B2DBF2-C501-4E83-8F6C-1FEFD3C302E6.jpeg EF417416-CF0C-47F3-9FDB-AB8C0642C194.jpeg

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  12. we are bag twins! I have the same mosaique 24 in vert cypress. love it!

    EDIT: ooo just noticed mine is the smaller size... I love the color + HW combo!
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  13. Thank you! So helpful to see the comparison pics. Since you have all 4, do you have a favorite in terms of bag shape between the 4?
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  15. Love the comparison photos, Azukitea!
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