Hermes Apple watch

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  1. Love this. Gorgeous!
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  2. Thank you, uhparm01, for sharing all the informations on the iPad Pro and the Apple Watch new straps.:flowers:
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  3. Gorgeous! I love how your nails always match your watch!:loveeyes:
    Seems like Apple has been keeping your wallet busy within the last few weeks; and there’s more to come.:biggrin:
    Your dilemmas are good dilemmas; ones that makes you happy. ;)
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  5. I know. Isn’t the new pro too cool? Everything right now looks huge. But it’s great to read and work on. Congrats!
    And your new cuff looks great. and it looks like it fits well.
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  6. Thank you Purdue1988! Yes my wallet via Apple Pay is smoking! Yes, they make me happy, and I just happened to have older ipad pro and a MacBook that I can’t now upgrade to latest OS. I don’t like that, as the machine becomes less secure. So that will be my “Justification” for NEW MACBOOK AIR in gold in Jan! And they released new of everything I love and use all the time in the last two months!

    How funny, just a happy accident with the blue nails. The DT was done on purpose. Thanks, you made my day:hugs:
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  7. Something to look forward to in January. :smile:
    Also New year, new Hermes quotas. :biggrin:
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  8. I got an Apple Watch 4 for my birthday today. This is the Nike version in black I was wondering if anybody knows if it is possibly to buy a Hermès watch wristband change it? I am totally new to apple watches and knew nothing about them before my hubby gave it to me as my birthday present.
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  9. 609866F6-5184-4069-8D92-03743BC0A5EC.jpeg My Series 4. Love the orange band
  10. Congratulations on your new Apple Watch. Yes, you can buy the Hermes watch band; just make sure you buy the right size for your watch. There are two available sizes; size 40 and size 44. Enjoy your new watch.:smile:
  11. Great :smile: is it available in the hermès boutique or mostly online? Are there different types or only one with the two sizes. Mine is the 40mm
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  12. Boutique and online. Check the Apple store too. It depends on what they have available.
    There are various types. Some comes in both sizes while some comes only in one size or the other.
    The one I know you cannot get without purchasing an Hermes Apple Watch is the Hermes orange sports band. But there are plenty of them selling on eBay.
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  15. One last question;) does the wrist band on the Apple Watch 3 fit the Apple Watch 4? Or does it have to be the wristband for the 4 when you have the 40mm
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