Hermes Apple watch

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  1. Thank you DrTr! :flowers:
    I would love to be twins with you on the mini evie too.

    She’s having too much fun therefore I have to turn off the feature at times so as not to be disturbed. :lol: She’s always pinging me with it.

    Although I have to say that the result of passing to her the series 3 is working out quite well for us. I didn’t quite want to give her a phone of her own yet, so the iPhone is put away, yet I’m now able to communicate with her and also track her when she’s not with me. So happy Apple came out with the GPS + Cellular version.
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  2. As to your first quote, though I’d love a mini pink evie, Apple is taking a turn emptying my wallet! Watch, phone, and my current MacBook Air is at the end of its useful life. Not as fun as H but necessary. But it comes in gold for a fun change! As for your daughter, too funny! Do not disturb is a great feature. What a great idea too for staying in touch without all the craziness of a phone for younger ones. Bet it gives you and lots of parents piece of mind. Enjoy!!
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  3. Thank you!
  4. What about the new ipad pro 2018? :love::girlsigh::lol:
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  5. Busted! It’s on my list too! :P:cool:Too funny. My old pro “needs” an upgrade too :nuts:
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  6. :lol: Tech Fall is so much fun.
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  7. and the new Apple Pencil too. LOL.
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  8. Omg of course!! Forgot that too! Tech fall is fun :P
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  9. I can relate! We are a family of Apple products... 3 macs, 4 iPads because we still have the older generations, 4 iPhones and 3 Apple watches. Fortunately (but unfortunately for the wallet), hubby is a little innovative when it comes to new technologies.
    The new MacBook Air and IPad Pro do seems very nice though.
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  10. Apple and H are my two brands I have 100% loyalty to. I knew I was in trouble when the Apple Watch H came out.
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  13. Yes, H and Apple, orange and white boxes abound! Luckily for me I’m the tech early adopter, and my DH is more than happy to take my current device when I buy new! Glad we both don’t want the most recent, our wallets hurt less that way :P and I feel better too because we get more use out of each device, although Apple is really working on and getting better at reuse recycle!
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