Hermes Apple watch

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    here are the links to the apple Store for these Hermes Straps and both are available now to ordering.ès-40mm-amber-capucine-rose-azalée-swift-leather-double-tourès-44mm-amber-capucine-rose-azalée-swift-leather-single-tour

    Edited to Add that they will be available soon in the Apple Stores.
  2. Thank you for sharing this!! I ordered and am excited!
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  3. Ok uhparm01, and Purdue1988, this one is for you! Tech fall is indeed fun!!!I was bad and snuck away from work for .....


    My new trifecta of Apple, and “onefecta” of H watch. I couldn’t resist the new larger iPad Pro, still in the box (what I bought today) pictured here with my new blue horizon watch band, and my new XS Max. The larger pro is thin, light, and not much bigger form factor wise than my old 9.7 pro! Now I’ve got SUCH major life decisions like keyboard cover or not? What color cover, do I match my H watchband to it? Apple Pencil or not? How long do I have to wait for my new MacBook Air in gold? How many 90 scarves is a MacBook in the H economy? :angel::yahoo::giggle:

    Sheesh. I’m outta control, as is the case with H, and I probably should say SOMEBODY STOP ME! But I don’t want to hear that. Thank goodness tpf motto is shallow obsessing encouraged, as I’m massively obsessed. Thanks for getting it everybody!!
  4. Wow already received the band. Here are some pix. IMG_0397.jpg IMG_0398.jpg IMG_0399.jpg
  5. Per photos posted by our dear @weN84 from press day...looks like we might be getting more band options in SS19. Looks like medor on a red/fushia band in front of the purple backpack on the top level...?
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    Lovely, wear it in good health!
    I purchased the 44 and wear it with my 38mm double tour etoupe strap. The strap is the longer length and was purchased 2 years ago (i think it looks beautiful and more feminine with this strap.)
    While I love the look of my Hermes Series 4, I am terribly disappointed that I can’t enjoy it with the new colorful double tour bands that came with the series. I have a normal sized wrist but the straps are simply too short. There appear to be multiple comments on this on Apple’s US website, so hopefully new longer bands will be coming soon.
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  7. FYI almost all of the series 4 watch bands are currently available on the US
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  9. Thank you weN84 and acrowcounted! Good eyes, we all look so closely for clues! If we’d looked at the pink orange yellow face on the 4, that was a hint at a matching band! Thanks for the early intel
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  10. I’m sorry you can’t buy the Series 4 DT! It’s so disappointing. Maybe they’ll release a longer DT like they did a few years ago.

    You know, most of us have regular human wrists, but they make the DT bands for tiny wrists. I know some have tiny wrists, but I bet more of us have reasonable wrists and need more length. I hope they do fix that soon!
  11. Yes they’re available just not the Double Tour colors in the longer length. I imagine they’ll arrive for the holidays. My SA is keeping watch :smile: for me.
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  12. I was away from this thread for a week and I missed out on all the discussions haha

    I got an iPad Pro 11 too to “replace” my 10.5. The reduced bezels and slab like design make it very elegant to hold in the hand and watch Netflix on haha.

    What good eyes! I can’t wait for more H bands to go with my S4!

    And since I couldn’t find or afford the original H cuff, I bought a very well made replica instead :smile:
    7D2ECA49-B8F7-4D0D-AF67-D72406C08BFA.jpeg 0E6D0E7A-E2A6-4695-806D-769F19DC41E8.jpeg