Helpppp me choose !!!!! Artsy or neverfull?

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  1. ;) hey guys so I'm fairly new to forum posting but an oldie to the site.... So this is my first thread ever. I NEED helppp!! I have quite a bit of monogram print (it's my fav) :smile: ..BUT.. I wanted to try Azur out since the summer time is right around the block....I'm so torn between the neverfull gm in azur and the artsy mm.... I don't know what to get!!! I absolutely love the neverfull shape but the braided handle on the artsy is to die for :graucho::lol:

    Which one would you guys prefer? ;)
  2. If i could afford the artsy i would get that over the neverfull but if not, neverfull is nearly just as gorgeous :P
  3. I used to own the NF azur GM and I own an artsy mm in azur... Honestly it depends I think on your lifestyle for the summer. If it's more causal, beach towns, trips, shopping, kids.. then go for the NF. If you're more of a working/office person, restaurants, not as worried about sunscreen on your hands etc.. ha ha.. then go for the Artsy. It's so pretty, but heavier and not as carefree. Good luck!
  4. Neverfull gets my vote
  5. artsy DA for sure!!!😍
  6. I have the neverfull and have used it extensively but now it's just sitting in my closet.

    I would like to have an artsy so my vote is for this one. 😊😊
  7. Both are so pretty and tough to choose. Again like others have said, what is your style like in the summer? For example, I wear a lot of sundresses and maxi dresses with strappy sandals and I have an azur Galliera. I thought about the NF too but it's so casual for my tastes. But if I were going a lot to the beach, lakes, parks etc I'd get the neverfull..GL op...

  8. What she said... I have both and love them... The artsy is more so if you can afford it get it .. And that will make I easier to save for a NF later since it's not as expensive 🙊 good luck!!
  9. If you have budget, go for artsy mono.. Good luck on deciding..
  10. I prefer the NF for practicality but I would not buy the GM size again. If I could go back in time, I would pick the MM size. It's still very roomy but much less bulky and weighs less too. GL!
  11. I think the NF MM is a great size too!

    Between the NF GM and Artsy, I would choose the NF.
  12. Artsy !
  13. I have both in mono. The Artsy is beautiful, but I find it so heavy and I don't carry much in my bags. If you don't mind a heavier bag, I'd def go w/the Artsy. My NF is always my grab and go bag, I love it! GL in your decision!
  14. Artsy!!!! ( But i would personally go for the artsy in monogram. )
  15. Neverfull