Help Me Find This Valentino

  1. OK, stupid question. Does anyone know where I can authenticate a Valentino bag on tPF? I'm eyeing this bag on eBay but I dunno if it's authentic or not. Thanks a bunch! :smile:
  2. lol....i understand the other forumes answer but to answer your question, yes that seems to be the real deal. me having one and being quite disgusted with the resale value...go for it. lol
  3. Oh hi Roe!

    So you have the same bag? That's cool. So how is it IRL? Is it as gorgeous or even more so? :yes: So you think the price is really good too? Oh, oh, also do you think it's a small sized bag or medium? Cause I'm actually not looking for a small bag. Looking for a medium to large bag :smile:

    So, it's looking good is it? I mean, the authenticity and price-wise? :woohoo:

    Thanks a lot!! :tup:
  4. its definitely not a small bag. I' tower at almost 6 feet everyday and the bag looks good for me. You can adjust the straps to give you more area to fit over your shoulder. It's more gorgeous in real life because in pictures it just looks like a big black shiny box. The histoires are some of my favorite bags out there thus far.
  5. Saks has histoires for 30% off and Nordstroms have them for 40% off.
  6. Anyone know where I can get a Valentino dustbag for my Histoire? I ordered one from Fashionphile and it was supposed to come with one, but didn't and they don't have any there. I am pretty anal about all my handbags having matching dustbags, so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. ;)
  7. Looking for Valentino- Wash ombre petale tote immedietly.
    Help me find this bag. I searched all Valentino US store and Neiman Markus, Bergdorf Goodman. But I couldn't find.
    I need to find this bag asap
  8. Check ebay. I saw one there that's authentic from a decent seller at a good price, considering the retail value.

    Not sure if it's the color you want though?
  9. Thank you for attention Grace 123. I already checked that bag. Same design only problem is color is different. Oh i need exactly this bag. No idea where i can find this...
    Anyway thank you

  10. Keep trying back the dept stores as they do get returns

    Have you checked any of the small specialty stores that carry

    Good luck
  11. I saw one in Neiman Marcus San Francisco 2 weeks ago.
  12. Thank you guys. It's so cheer up my search:smile:
    Hotshot i will keep trying back stores. Do u know any other small specialty stores carry Valentino. I didn't try yet. Any other recommendation?

    Thank you Doreenjoy. I will ask tomorrow san francisco store. I hope they didn't sold out that bag.
  13. Okay, I realize I am coming onto this train super late but I need a Valentino Histoire bag. I have searched online consignment stores, ebay, bonanzle etc. There are a couple on ebay but for some reason, they all have defects (stains on patent, color transfer on patent) etc. I don't know if the Valentino patent isn't well made or if it is just bad luck.
    Does anyone know where I can get this bag for less than retail?

    Also, if anyone has any thoughts on the quality of Valentino patent over leather, I would love to hear them.
  14. HI! Call Valentino Outlet in Woodbury NY(845 928 0820) They just got a big shipment of bags in.
    Ask for Nicole C and tell her Tanya referred you! Good luck!