Help Me Find This Valentino

  1. I would love to see what it looks like. please post pictures after you receive. Congrats:tup:
  2. Hi all. I am searching for the Valentino Maison in red. Does anyone have one that I can buy? I looked on eBay, and there are some that are selling for around $500-$600, but I have not been able to get authentication. Sellers either do not respond or have no way to authenticate. Thanks!
  3. I'm currently on the hunt for a Valentino bag but have two problems:
    1. I can only find them online with BG and NM. Anyone know where they sell them as well? And even better, any locations in Europe?

    2. My dilemma is, buy now or wait for sales? I wonder if (mostly) all the bags go on sale eventually or would I risk it selling out?

    Please girls, help me out here! TIA!
  4. some Nordstrom stores sell them
  5. Also, Saks sells them. Occasionally, they go on sale. I've mainly seen the sale ones at Saks or Nordstrom.
  6. Which one are you looking for? NM and Saks have most styles all the time.
  7. I'm looking for the fleur satchel in red patent right now.But there are also a few other ones I like with flowers on them. I've seen them online at BG and NM only. And was actually hoping it is available in Europe too..
  8. A bunch just showed up in the Fall section of Yoox. Through today (9/17) you can get an additional 10% off plus free ship with BESTSHOPPING@YOOX
  9. try calling the valentino boutiques in europe-they usually ship to other countries, too.
  10. really? that would be great! Thanks for the info girls!
  11. You need to get on Peggy Urban's email list. She's out of Nordstrom Seattle and always sends emails out when she has bags on sale. She's a great gal and well known on the forum.
  12. Absolutely Nordstrom hands down - they have a fabulous selection of Valentino! I'd highly recommend getting them as soon as you can - they sell very quickly. I swear by my Sales Associate Chris, he'll go out of his way to help you!! I'd love to get you connected with him if you'd like
  13. I purchased my Valentino Histoire at Valentino boutique in Bal Harbour Shops- contact info 305-867-1215.