Help Me Find This Valentino

  1. Less than retail and in really good shape is rare. I have a white leather Histoire that I love, and I used to have a yellow patent histoire that was was very cute. The thing about Valentino "patent leather" is that MOST of the time, those items are NOT patent leather. It's coated canvas. Their coated canvas is almost identical looking to patent leather.
    On the Nordstrom website, you'll even see that they describe it as "coated canvas". I believe that's why the stains tend to happen. Valentino has made some patent leather bags in the past, but I think the coated canvas is much more prevalent, especially on sites like eBay, yoogis, etc.
    Hope that helps and good luck with your search!
    BTW, you are not late AT ALL in terms of getting a histoire. V is bring BACK a different version of the histoire for fall....

  2. I have a Valentino Histoire in black patent leather. I adore it!!! It really is an amazing bag. I noticed that lots of patent bags suffer from color transfer. Why I don't know. I do know this though: I want more Histoires. But I want the rest to be in plain leather- especially the red. TDF:love:
  3. The Aphrodite is a fairly new bag to the Valentino family. Made it's first appearance during the Fall Winter 2010 season. I don't know of anyone on here that has one, so I don't know how much help we'll be in terms of durability, etc. But I can tell you that Valentino bags are top notch quality. Sales... I think you might have already missed your chance at a sale. You might have the best chance of finding it discounted on a resale site or auction site.
    This bag is absolutely gorgeous, so we all hope you get it!
  4. Love that bag! Hope u find one soon! Good luck!
  5. This is the bag I thought I was getting a few months ago at Nordstrom (a return from someone else), but went to go pick up it up and it was the leopard bow tote instead. Talk about dissapointment!

    I had my sales person do a search and she found out that Nordstrom pulled this particular bag and sent them back to Valentino. She said probably due to a quality issue. I think I read a few things on the internet that some people were having problems with the bow.

    But YES it is GORGEOUS!!! Love it!
  6. I love the raised rose petale bag. Is it a limited edition or is it still available?
  7. It's still available this season, I saw it in the Valentino spring summer look book. You would probably have to call the V boutique to have them order it though.
  8. Hello

    I always wanted to buy a valention bag & I fall in love with this new one.

    I went to the 2 Valentino stores we have in my country & they don't have it. It was @ butterfly but it sold out. Now I looked everywhere online & I can not find it. So does anywhere know where I can find it?

  9. The bag is available at the Valentino boutiques in both Singapore and Hong Kong. If you have family member/friend going there, you may wish to ask them to check it out.

    If I remembered correctly, there are 3 colors for this particular style.

    I am not very sure about Hong Kong, but I know the Valentino boutique in Singapore would be having a sale the 1st two weeks of June. I am not sure whether this bag would be on sale or not - but if it is one of the sale item, you can get the bag at 30% off!
  10. I really like it too, and in this particular colour. Have not seen it anywhere.