Help me decide!


Which bag should I buy?

  1. LV monogram Lockit

  2. MJ Quilted Tote

  3. MJ Stam

  4. MJ Venetia

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am so bad with decisions! I seem to have a desire for a quilted bag, but on the other hand I would like a classic bag that is good for work. Here are the choices. Please vote on the one you like best. I wear suits, jeans and a cashmere sweater, or slacks most of the time, and jeans on the weekends. I would like something that I can carry to the office, but that is also fun/fashionable on the "outside."
    LV Lockit.jpg MJ Quilted tote.jpg MJ Stam.jpg MJ Venetia.jpg
  2. How about a Balenciaga Matelasse? Otherwise, I like the Venetia.
  3. I love the Matelasse, but it's too expensive. :sad: And I just got a Blue India City...big Balenciaga fan!
  4. Sorry, don't know the name of the no. 2 bag, but from the description of your clothing, lifestyle etc., the no. 2 bag would be my choice for you.
  5. By the way....what is that gorgeous no. 2 bag?
  6. Sorry, how stupid of me, just saw the name on the top of your thread, love that bag!
  7. For you, i say the Venetia :smile:
  8. I'm biased, because I have a Venetia.

    But I love it and get INSANE compliments on it. And I think it's a really nice classic bag that won't look "dated" or go out of style - in my opinion.
  9. What's about the MJ Multipocket? I have one and I wear it happy two years long... Now I want so sell it because I need money for a new Hermes Birkin 40. In your range I prefer the Venetia of course :yes:
  10. I voted for LV, I like that one the best.
  11. I voted for #2, but I also really like the LV.
  12. I voted for the Venetia - I just got my first one 50% off and have a similar wardrobe/lifestyle - I think it transitions well from work to weekend! Second would be the MJ tote which has super comfy handles. The LV's vachetta bottom would concern me care-wise, and the Stam is so darned heavy!
  13. i'm voting for a venetia, but I think I would go with a non metallic color....did you see the putty or the graphite colors?
  14. I like the MJ Quilted Tote and the Stam best. :yes:
  15. MJ Stam