**Help me choose an accessory**


Which one?

  1. Monogram Pochette

  2. Monogram Mini Pochette

  3. MC Wapity

  4. None of the above -- Please suggest.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I want an accessory pouch for my makeup. The accessory should be able to fit and compliment with my BH or Azur Speedy 30. Help me choose! Thank you all!
  2. A MC Wapity would be so cute!
  3. My vote it for the MC Wapity. ;)
  4. MC wapity if it fits ur make up.. or my first choice would be azur mini pochette! :love:
  5. Hmmm... for makeup, a Monogram Canvas Pochette would suit you best. ;)
  6. I'd go with an Azur mini pochette or a white MC Wapity!
  7. Azur mini pochette is the cutest!
  8. For make-up, I think the Pochette would be a better size. Therefore, I vote for the Pochette in either mono or Damier azur.
  9. The wapity is so cute!
  10. azur pochette!!!!!
  11. i wanted something for my make up too, for when i went on trips and stuff cuz i am tired of pulling out my nothing make up bag which isn't even really a make up bag. i was thinking the cosmetique but if i was going to do that i'd get one in good shape through a reseller. however i am going to get the mini pochette in damier to match the sporty when it comes out. not sure what i will use it for but make up is a possibility. which is why i am holding out. but mc wapity is my choice for you...i considered it for other reasons but if i really want it it's gonna have to wait. but mc wapity :love:
  12. Waipty is cute, but not the best option when it comes to being use as make up pouch, pochette or mini pochette will be great depending on how many make up products you carry. have fun!
  13. Ooops! I voted on the wrong one. Monogram Mini Pochette is great for makeup.
  14. I say mini pochette, probably more roomy than a wapity for makeup. Although the wapity is sooo cute. Plus I don't know if you care about rubbing off. I had a mc wapity that I used often, was always in my bag and then the edges started rubbing off.
  15. Monogram pochette.. the most bag for buck ! :graucho: