HELP! LV Pochette Felicie Issue?

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  1. Definitely bring it down! Good luck!! Keep us updated. :hugs:
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  2. I know it’s been a while since I updated but I was really busy. Anyway.

    Brought it down to the LV store near me and the more helpful SA helped to serve me again. They checked (with other Felicies in store as well) and they said it was unusual but they are unable to do anything at the store itself. He says that usually for canvas their issue would be that it bends out of shape whereas for mine it seems like a structural thing. They will be sending it in to the nearest service and will update me after 3 weeks. He did also say that they usually don’t replace the canvas leather (especially since now my Felicie has the bending on both the front and the back) and if worse come to worse they’d probably replace it (since I got it in May).

    Will update when I’ve received any news!!!
  3. I think @Guy Chanon if it’s still relevant to you, you could probably bring it down to LV and insist once more? Fingers crossed!!
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  4. Great news!!! Are you picking something different if they give you a refund? Like the multi pochette
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  5. UghH I’m not sure! I’m still very much in love with the Felicie although if that’s going to be an issue then I’ll probably pick something else.

    I was eyeing the multi too! But it seems a little over the top, what with all the compartments and hanging pouches. Haven’t had a look at it in store either. What do you think? Have you tried it on?
  6. I honestly hated it at first but slowly starting to like it. I also find it to be a good value. I’m a guy though and I do enjoy how sporty it looks when wearing in the front like a fanny pack :P there are many other options though in addition to the multi pochette.
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  7. I do like that the strap is thicker and it still comes with the chain so I can mix and match. Definitely value for money!!! I think you should go for it I’ll see what my SA says before deciding because I’m quite bad with zips on bags tbh but perhaps I’ll check it out the next time I visit!
  8. Oh! Also, have you had experience with the customisation of LV patches? Do they screw up the monogram? I’ve seen some in the store near me and the leather looks a little weird. Not sure if it’s because it’s a display set or if my LV would potentially turn out like that. Thinking of getting a Victorine wallet with the patches.
  9. Like the world tour? I have mon monogram pieces. My speedy turned out amazing while they messed up the printing on my neverfull. Not a huge deal but it’s obvious that the stripes are not centered with pedals peeking on one side but not the other. You should be safe with the world tour pieces though.
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  10. Yesss the world tour! For the Neverfull did you complain??? What did they say??? In the future when I start travelling more for work I was gonna consider getting a Speedy duffel with the mon mono :sad:

    And I wish I had more guy friends that were into luxury ☹️ I mean I don’t know how it is for other parts of the world but generally the guys in my age group in my country aren’t into luxury (even though I’ve got more guy friends than girls)
  11. I didn’t complain but honestly now I kinda regret didn’t. I look at it and go like “argh”. Good thing is that I only use it for traveling. It is a great tote to hide my birkin and Kelly :giggle:
  12. You should bring it in for evaluation in my opinion..
  13. I think I kind of okay with it now. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Hope yours will be replaced. :biggrin: