HELP! LV Pochette Felicie Issue?

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  1. Hey all! I am having issues with my Pochette Felicie and my SA isn't very helpful (slightly inconvenient for me to bring it down for them to have a look irl) and I was wondering if any of you encounter the same issues?

    Not sure if it is visible or not, but basically the the bottom of the front of my Felicie, the canvas sinks inwards. On inspection, it feels as though it is missing a "hard base" the rest of the bag seems to have.
    My SA tells me it is due to wear, but honestly when I first got it in early Jul, it was already there - just that I could ignore it.
    But after seeing my friend's Felicie and over the period of the past month and a half, it has only gotten more pronounced.
    The dent is deeper now, and I stuff my bags properly when I store them.
    Please advise!

    photo_2019-08-19_17-41-54.jpg photo_2019-08-19_17-41-56.jpg
  2. It seems like it is getting overstuffed. I think putting less things in it and allow it to soften back overtime could potentially fix it.
  3. I have a Pochette Voyage that has this exact problem. I know what you mean. It feels like there's a thick and hard piece of paper inside to give it structure but that paper is not full sized and missing a bit. It's kind of soft and squishy in the area.

    I have contacted my SA and they said that it's the way it's designed and manufactured and will worsen with use. Which I found is ridiculous.
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  4. Actually there is.
  5. I had the same bag from 2016. Had a different problem with it but it was also at the bottom. Mine problem was the bottom of the bag was rippling, it became “wavy” shape at the bottom. It also lost glazing. I took it back to the boutique after 3 years, they sent it out for it to be checked, and it was deemed unrepairable so I was given full refund in store credit. If it’s getting worse maybe ask to send it out to be checked?
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  6. From the beginning I already had this issue, just that it was not as pronounced as it currently is. I take special care not too over stuff my bags so I don’t see how this should be a problem :sad:
  7. I would definitely take it back to the store then. I had nothing but good experience with their after sale service. I would find a manager. The whole “wear and tear and this is handmade product” line is their first response. Frankly, their product is mostly machine sewn with human hands lol be persistent!
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  8. Omg thank you so much! I thought I was going crazy haha. Unfortunately no matter what I do it seems to only get worse. How has your Voyage been so far?
  9. You are not alone, it drives me crazy too. lol As for my Voyage, it still looks great, but kind of bothers my when I hold it because the base is not as structure as it should be.
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  10. The thing is, my friend got it for me overseas as the monogram is always out of stock in my country (it was my first LV purchase and I didn’t manage to build up relations with the SAs in my country). I was planning to get other bags from LV but now I’m reconsidering - I thought LV was meant to be durable and hardy! I’m not sure if I brought it to the store here they would help me check it out? I got an SA’s contact and showed her the exact same photos but she claimed it’s not the product’s issue :sad: The nearest store is pretty inconvenient to get to for me.
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  11. I think not having a relationship with an SA is somewhat good because then you can talk to an SA that would actually help you or the SM directly. Being in the store is crucial though. Again, SA usually would automatically respond with the usual “this is wear and tear” line but I would want to say that they are pretty helpful in person. I think they will at least send it in for evaluation.

    Tbh LV quality is super meh...especially after I started purchasing Hermès. It’s night and day difference. They are also coming out with collection that I can’t catch up (nor I want to...I think most of them are hideous). I do understand that people that like LV caters to a different population. I think most luxury brands’ quality went down with their mass production. The strap of my friends’ fendi peekaboo has the most ridiculous terrible glazing I’ve ever seen. It’s all over the top of the leather I was like....? I think it is one off incident but the quality control is just not there.
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  12. Sigh it’s also because I only recently got into luxury so I don’t have a lot to work with (with regards to experience using the items) and I just stalk around purseblog before I make decisions in getting??? And I thought the LV monogram was pretty safe. Like I was pretty lucky cuz I know there’s a thread on the Pochette Felicie where people’s monograms didn’t line up and stuff.

    But thanks for your advice! I’ll be checking out Hermes once I’ve reached that level of stability :’) Meanwhile, I’ll try to bring it down to my nearest LV store tomorrow and figure out if they can do anything about my current bag... Or at least advise on how I can reduce the “wear and tear”.

    I never really looked at Fendi before but regarding the glazing on straps... I do have a colleague who owns a Givenchy Pandora and the straps were horrible. There was a weak spot whereby the strap was sewn together? And that part broke off. Givenchy (in my country) refused to fix it for her, asking her to go to a third party on her own instead.
  13. I know the Felicie look fancied but I stand by the Lv pochette accessoire. My mom and I each have one and it serves similar function as the Felicie. I would say it is the greatest piece from LV right behind the speedy.

    Again, go to the LV store and be firm. One thing that I can say is that LV has great after service. It’s natural for them to push it off but if you are firm (and reasonable), they would be willing to work with you. Let us know!
  14. I would just bring it in for evaluation and see what they say. Everyone’s experience is different!
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  15. To anyone who’s still interested in the updates! Basically I met a slightly more helpful SA today. I didn’t manage to bring down my bag as I was at work but basically showed him the photos I uploaded here. Just told him the issue (he didn’t ask me how I used it or anything) and he told me to stuff it full for a while and see if the shape gets back. Explained to him that the bottom part felt like it was lacking the paper/cardboard feeling and he said that it was a difficult for him to gauge based on the photos. He did encourage me to continue trying the stuffing to see if it helps but if I would like to expedite the process, I could bring it down and he could send it to the specialist for evaluation (apparently we have one in my country) and they will determine if it’s a defect or not.

    Should I bring it down? He said it’d take about 2 working weeks for them to send it down, get evaluated, and be sent back.